Friday, 8 August 2014

No, Because You Were Too Bone Idle To Fix The Fence & Keep It Under Control...

“My dog died because of the media. That signed his death warrant.”
Ms Smith said she is going to seek legal advice and will be making a complaint to Ann Barnes, Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner.
I bet Barnes files that one away. In the round file.


wiggia said...

The pro dog comments in the link are quite bizarre, chavs pro people biting dogs total numpties.

JuliaM said...

There's a cadre of regular commenters that pick up on the 'Staffie' articles.

And they are right - properly trained, a Staffie is no more liable to bite than a chihuahua. It's just that when it does, it's a more severe attack.

And chavs aren't buying chihuahuas. Though their wives often do.