Friday, 8 August 2014

In Which I Suddenly Turn Feminist...

“We were very lucky on Friday as my partner was there, so he was able to calm the situation.
If there hadn’t been another male there, who knows what could have happened.”
I'm sorry? *checks calendar*

This is 2014, right?
The elderly man, who is thought to live near the school, has staged a number of one-man protests against parents using the zebra crossing instead of a nearby footbridge.

Only in Essex....


ivan said...

Maybe that was the correct response having read a lot of the antics (fights) that the mothers get into at some schools ;)

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX TERRIFIED parents were forced to call the police XX


Fucks sake! Britain appears to shit it's self at its own shadow these days!

And who FORCED them to call the police?

Some one shove a shotgun up their arse until they had reported it?

Twenty_Rothmans said...

This is 2014, right?

I'm still waiting to see a female garbologist.

Equality. But only when it's a nice job where you don't get dirty or hurt. Unless you're an Eastern European cleaner.

On the rare occasions I'm able to take someone new on at work, I pay no attention to the sex of the applicant whatsoever, unless she's hot - in which case she's a shoo-in.

"Mum Louise Steel" has her Superman - Man of Steel, one might say. I'd hazard a guess it has less to do with what's between his legs than what's between his ears that let him defuse the situation.

He hasn't been stupid enough to marry her, for example.

JuliaM said...


Fucks sake! Britain appears to shit it's self at its own shadow these days!"

A bit of local newspaper hyperbole, I suspect...

"I'm still waiting to see a female garbologist."

Heh! Our local crew are all male.