Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ah, What We Gain From The Enrichment Of Diversity…

A Catford man kidnapped a pregnant woman, throttled her and punched her in the stomach while he was on an electronic tag, a court heard today.
Emmanuel Okubote, known by the street name 'Sylar'…
Ah, a clue.
…. took Colette Brown and her boyfriend Tabare Garcia hostage after his Thamesmead cannabis factory was burgled, it is claimed.
And another clue.
Okubote eventually released Miss Brown before going home at 9pm to comply with the conditions of his electronic tag while his associates kept Mr Garcia prisoner, the Old Bailey heard.
How nice it is to have 'associates' and not just friends, eh?


Trevor said...

How did we ever manage to cope in the bad old days when nobody had a 'street' name?

The significance of 'Sylar' escapes me but then I imagine I share few cultural reference points with the species in the story. In any case, they're usually hilariously inappropriate: the last Big Brother I saw (some years ago now) featured a gibbering knuckle-dragger who called himself 'Science' and was possessed of the intellect of a dishcloth. I'm only surprised he's not yet on Dave's A-list of PPCs.

(Unlike the Murphys, I am bitter.)

Robert the Biker said...

Yet again NHI
No Humans Involved

Hubert Rawlinson said...

This POS has made the Headlines before! Shame that the electronic tag isn't an electrocution tag!

Ted Treen said...

Colour me unsurprised...

I whole-heartedly concur with the three previous comments.

Especially Hubert's novel-but-neat suggestion for extending the functionality of electronic tags.

DavefromTacoma said...


In the U.S. the cops would call it a SOS crime. Scumbag on scumbag.

Greencoat said...

My street-name, back in the day, was:

'114, Snoddingbury Avenue'

andy5759 said...

Nice idea Hubert. They could be extended to deliver meds according to certain criteria being met. This could be a revolutionary development in crime and punishment. The downside is that it would be rolled out to the whole population, for our own good of course.

JuliaM said...

"The significance of 'Sylar' escapes me..."

He was the villain in the now-cancelled superpowers show 'Heroes'.

"This POS has made the Headlines before! "

Ahhhh, I remember that case!

"My street-name, back in the day, was:

'114, Snoddingbury Avenue' "