Saturday, 8 May 2010

I'll Have A Fiver On 'Stunning Incompetence By The Prison Authorities', Please'

The incident is a huge embarrassment to prison bosses because Krstic is regarded as one of Britain's most sensitive and high-profile inmates.

It is almost certain to be raised at diplomatic level and questions will be asked about how the suspects were able to attack him.
So, that 'maximum security', then? How's it working out so far?
Outraged officials in the city of Banja Luka, the centre of Bosnian Serb power, said last night that the 'whole position' of the War Crimes Tribunal would be further undermined if those convicted 'couldn't even by protected in a prison'.

'We should know whether this was allowed to happen... whether a blind eye was turned,' one said.
One might also ask whether a proper risk assessment might have suggested that keeping him in the same prison as the one also holding a large Muslim population wasn't too wise...


English Viking said...

Two questions.

Why is he in prison?

Why is he in an English prison?

Greencoat said...

Krstic is a white Chistian and therefore fair game as far as the British authorities are concerned.

Jihad in the UK marches on.

staybryte said...

According to the report in the Fail one of the attackers is one of the Mary-Ann Lenaghan killers.

blueknight said...

I bet £10 each on 'lessons will be learned' and 'procedures will be reviewed'

JuliaM said...

"Why is he in an English prison?"

Good question. If the UN wants to run war crime trials, fine. But I don't see why they need to take up our valuable prison space.

Let them build their own.

"Jihad in the UK marches on."

Oh, I've no doubt the three will be feted in the usdual circles, but as staybright points out, at least one is no politically inspired terrorist, but just a comman murderer.

Or was, before he was radicalised in jail, perhaps?

"I bet £10 each on 'lessons will be learned' and 'procedures will be reviewed'"

No doubt.