Tuesday 22 March 2011

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied Pretty Profitable!

A killer who punched a man to death after he was released early from prison has won taxpayer-funded compensation for the 'anxiety and distress' caused by delays to his parole hearing.
Good old Human Rights Act, eh?
Sturnham was due to be up for parole in late 2009 but, because of 'administrative errors' by the Department of Justice, his case was not heard until May last year, when his bid for freedom was rejected on the grounds that he was still a risk to society.

After a costly publicly-funded judicial review hearing, a High Court judge has now awarded the killer £300 in taxpayer cash as compensation for the breach of his human rights.

I suppose we should be grateful he didn't give him a few quid out of the poor box too...
The judge said the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg would award damages to the killer, and so it would save further public cost to finalise the case in Britain.
So we just accept we're going to lose, and roll over?

Can we leave yet?

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