Thursday 31 March 2011

Le Mot Juste

Yobs have left a mother heartbroken after destroying a memorial to her son.
Vandals kicked, smashed and ripped up candles, a cross, flowers and a guardian angel statue placed on Littlemore roundabout in memory of 21-year-old Rishi Khera.
How awful!

Wait, what? On the roundabout..?
Mr Khera died in July 2008 when his silver BMW hit the roundabout on Oxford’s Eastern Bypass before crashing into a lorry on the opposite side.
An inquest in 2009 heard Mr Khera did not have a driving licence, was over the drink-drive limit, was speeding and not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.
Mrs Khera, 40, of Lockheart Crescent, Cowley, said: “We are all devastated.
“It was a special place for us, somewhere we would go once a week and on special occasions to remember Rishi.

“I am absolutely heartbroken. What kind of mindless scum would do something like this?
And a commenter beat me to it:
Mark L., Faringdon says...

“I am absolutely heartbroken. What kind of mindless scum would do something like this?”

-The same sort of scum that drive without a licence,drunk and speeding.
Well played, Mr Faringdon, well played…


Robb said...

Well the 'scum' that caused me to shout "F*CK OFF!" at one of my teachers because she said it was my dead brother's fault that her friends' careered into his motorbike because (now draw a picture on a piece of paper and remember what side of the road we drive on if you must) they did a left hand U-turn into him, sober with seat-belts not an option on motorbikes. If they had any remorse we never heard about it. It was said "Sorry to hear about your brother Robb, but it was his fault." Comforting words remembered from 30 years ago.

NickM said...

I hate crappy roadside memorials

Captain Haddock said...

Thank christ she didn't decide to build one of those sodding great towers on the roundabout .. with her dearly beloved left on top for the vultures to pick clean .. ;)

These "chav" roadside memorials should be cleared away by the council as soon as they appear ..

There's a proper place for memorials .. and its not on our road network ..

Mjolinir said...

I don't really mind someone placing a few flowers 'In memory of...' - but cannot see why; a) they so often expand to a non-religious shrine, and; b)all the bouquets are left there (still in the florist's cellophane bags) until they rot.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Here is the sort of scum she is talking about;

ANOTHER illegal immigrant.

Edwin Greenwood said...

Comments, Julia? I see no comments. Perhaps they were all as to-the-point as that of Mr L. of Faringdon.

Anonymous said...

I think after Princess Diana it became fashionable to mourn in public instead of doing it quietly with dignity at home.Every time I see teen chavs hugging each other when a fallen "solja" is shot whilst drug dealing it turns my stomach.

Anonymous said...

From Furor Teutonicus' link :

Brother Vikash, 14, said: “He was a joker. He always used to make people laugh and he never used to be sad.”

Still giving from beyond the grave then.

blueknight said...

One hundred twenty five smokin on the turns
Always on the hit and run
But you never learn...
Running from the man... and you're running
From yourself
Another dirty angel heading straight to hell
Oh - you'll never win the race...
But you won't give up the chase...
Death Alley Driver...

Rainbow -Death Alley Driver

JuliaM said...

"If they had any remorse we never heard about it. "

They never have any remorse. Mostly, they're incapable of it.

"I hate crappy roadside memorials"

Me too. Like Capt Haddock, I'd like to see them treated as littering.

"Comments, Julia? I see no comments."

I'm so glad I copied that one when I did! And yes, they were mostly in that vein.

"Still giving from beyond the grave then."


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