Tuesday 29 March 2011

”…this could be a case for Mulder and Scully...”

Probably not, though, as it clearly wasn’t fooling the ‘Daily Mail’ reporter:

Carer Miss Manning, 34, shot the film two weeks ago after putting hidden cameras in the family's home in Holbrooks, an area of Coventry. The 52-second clip shows a wardrobe door opening before a pink swivel chair moves slowly backwards towards the wall.

While cynics might scoff and suggest the chair could have been moved by a length of strategically placed fishing line

Indeed they might…
Miss Manning, who lives with her partner Anthony, 25, in the house, added: 'One medium came in and said our house is a portal, a kind of bus stop for spirits, which they use to pass into our world…’
Perhaps the UK Border Agency should be informed..?

Lisa is now begging her landlord Whitefriars to re-house her family.

She scatters the house with salt, puts up crucifixes and wears crystals while she waits to hear whether the family can move to another home.

Wow! She’s got all the options covered, hasn’t she? If her real desire is to move house, that is, and not keep away spooks.


Woman on a Raft said...

Re-name the house Dun Manifestin and put in for a house-swap with a Goth. They don't mind sharing.

Mark Wadsworth said...

My first thought was also that they want to jump the housing queue a bit. Can't fault them for originality though.

Whisky Spirit said...

Of all the talents the undead may or may not possess, is moving furniture that big a deal?

Unless the departed were all removal men in a former life, of course.

English Viking said...

Evict her for having undeclared Co-Residents.

Then let the place to someone who isn't mental/attention-seeking/money grubbing.

Anonymous said...

The scariest thing about that is her trousers!

JuliaM said...

"Re-name the house Dun Manifestin..."

The housing company could be on to a good thing here, if they decided to sell it. ;)

"Evict her for having undeclared Co-Residents. "