Friday 25 March 2011

The Price Of Fear: £80

When a mother of five reported that she had been raped by two East European men, panic spread through her community and ethnic tension led to street violence.

Despite the arrest of two suspects, the crime remained unsolved and angry residents confronted police chiefs at a public meeting to voice fears for their safety.
Yeah, you guessed it...
Yesterday it was revealed that the ‘victim’, Susan Bradley, 41, later admitted to police that the attack never took place.

But instead of being taken to court for perverting the course of justice and facing a jail sentence, she escaped with an £80 fixed penalty for wasting police time.
Any reason for this bizarre decision?
...police say it was the ‘best disposal’ taking into account the woman’s ‘previous good character’.
Oh. Right. Presumably the two totally innocent men you arrested were of 'previous good character', but now their DNA is on the database regardless, right?

Still, at least you named her.
They refused to name the woman, but Bradley was identified by members of the community.

Still, maybe she's learned her lesson?
At her home yesterday, the jobless mother, who recently separated from her partner of 17 years, was still claiming to be a victim. Despite not contesting the fine for wasting police time she said two men had sex with her that night but she had not consented.

Bradley said: ‘I admit I had a lot to drink that night. They didn’t injure me but this has really affected me and my kids’ lives. They can’t even go to school because of all the rumours.’
That'll be 'no' then...


Anonymous said...

Ok I'm confused...THAT attack never took place but she claims to men had sex with her and she didn't consent ?

She's ruining her own kids lives getting so pissed she doesn't or can't say no to sex with strangers.

When mindless women walk into danger willingly but are just unable to get out of it what can you do ?

Lessons in life said...

Would the rumours that are blighting the lives of her kids be that their mother is a silly old slag?

In which case, some unkind people may say they aren't actually rumours...

JuliaM said...

"She's ruining her own kids lives getting so pissed she doesn't or can't say no to sex with strangers."

Just once, I'd love to hear a judge make just that point.

"In which case, some unkind people may say they aren't actually rumours.."

The truth also being a defence against claims of libel...

Anonymous said...

another this week and she was jailed for 2 1/2 yrs. Couldn't believe my eyes when some were commenting that the sentance was too harsh. Comparing it to the punishment that the men or man would have got, claiming it would be less. Because going to prison for years for something you could not and did not do, bieng on the sex offenders register and the concequences of bieng named as a rapist compares?!?
So we have the feminzi who's soluition is 'la, la, la, i can't hear you' it doesn't hwppen attitude. The authorities who's concern is clearly to divert attention away from thier own faliure by tellling us how this crime affects victims of rape and the silent majority too afraid to be be seen siding with an alledged rapist even when the evidence that they are in fact a victim of a false allegation.
£80, FFS, I can think of many women that would consider that great value for money in getting revenge on an ex.