Friday 16 November 2012

Another One On The DNA Register!

Mr Holloway, 46, of Malvern Close, Eastbourne, was well known in the area for sitting on benches outside public toilets by the Hampden Park station level crossing.
At about 7.30pm on Saturday, September 29, police were called to the spot and found him on the ground. Mr Holloway was conscious at the time and was taken to Eastbourne District General Hospital with what were thought to be only minor injuries.
But his condition worsened and he died at Hurstwood Park Neurosciences Centre in Haywards Heath at 6.15pm on Sunday.
Quick! Arrest the usual suspects! Literally...
Sussex Police arrested a 48-year-old Polish cleaning contractor on suspicion of murder and released him on bail.
They carried out house-to-house inquiries at dozens of homes.
Ah. But wait. Maybe there was no crime at all?
But detectives now believe that Mr Holloway had become abusive when the toilet attendant arrived to close the toilets for the night.
As the attendant drove off, Mr Holloway is believed to have hurled himself at the side of his van, bounced off and banged his head on the pavement.
The man has been told that no further action will be taken.

Now, I've no doubt the police commenters will be here soon to argue their corner but…is this really what we expect from the police ‘service’?

That they start arresting people before they even know if a crime has been committed? And if it turns out none has been, then it’s just ‘Off you go, sonny!’ with no apology..?

Meanwhile, over in Kingston, if they get real cases that aren't immediately solvable they just … close them.

Yes. Really!
Police came to the house after the incident and took fingerprints. But they closed the case after Mrs John was unable to identify the trespassers from photographs of known criminals.
She said: “The police just closed the case. What if they are new people who have not been in trouble with the police before? They would never catch them, would they?”
Well, indeed! But don't worry, when they have everyone on their database, things'll work just fine, I'm sure...


Noggin the Nog said...

At the moment not a few people find this kind of 'policework' unnacceptable, but as time goes on and this becomes standard op (if it's not already), then the infringements on civil liberties will increase, step by step, until we end up with a self-perpetuating system of 'law enforcement' similar to communist China or the USSR, with a bit of Stasi and Gestapo thrown in for good measure.

People will be turning in their neighbours and relatives for thought crimes (they used to be called opinions), and those most scared of the state, people like Jaded, scared because they are fully aware of the astonishing abuses of power they have witnessed and carried out themselves, will continue to fulfil their 'duties', because so long as they are on the Gov side, carrying out Gov policies, no one will mess with their lives, not even when they kill people.

Anonymous said...

"spur of the moment thing" How is this a defence? People who can't control their urges and act on impulse (criminally) are dangerous, a history of violence too - I'd almost certainly jail this tool were I the judge.

The Meissen Bison said...

and those most scared of the state, people like Jaded...

Well that's a bit strong and I'm not sure there are any grounds for such an assertion.

Noggin the Nog said...


If you had read previous comments between me and the caped crusader, you would realise that he openly admits breaking the law with regard to DNA retention but continues to do so anyway, because 'I'm just doing my job guv'.

He dare not challenge his illegal orders, nor does he even want to, because life is so much easier when you are on the outside of the cell, pissing in, than...

Obviously, that people like me think such things is clear evidence to Jaded of a criminal mentality. That, and not being a member of the Police, obviously.

Woman on a Raft said...

Police arrest cleaner and thereby create CRB record where there is no evidence of a crime, let alone who did it.

"Just doing their job". (See Noggin on the subject).

BBC state, correctly, that some people are calling another person a seriously damaging name and the person - who does not have a criminal record and the accusations will not show up in a CRB check - collects £185k with costs.

Just sayin' there's a compare and contrast here, whereby the state claims exemptions which it will not extend to civilians.

jaded said...

Sorry for the late reply but i've been at work illegally harvesting DNA from innocent people and astonishingly abusing my powers.
Back in the real world-I DONT CARE what you think NTN.If you are so sure of yourself write to your MP,make a complaint through or a solicitor or even better,(if you don't live in London), complain to your new police commissioner.
The caped crusader.

Anonymous said...

@ Noggin

You may care to recall the above specimen of menstrual bitchiness, when the issue of jaded's gender next arises.

Noggin the Nog said...


I know you don't care, your arrogance is astonishing and carefully nurtured to ensure compliance of the bully boys. You actually believe you are right, you love Big Brother. With all your heart.

I don't need to do what you suggest; it is pointless, as it already an established fact, ruled upon by both the highest court in this country and the highest court in Europe, that harvesting DNA and fingerprints is illegal when the arrestee is either not charged or found not guilty.

I know it, you know it, but still it goes on.

Because you are weak and craven with regard to illegal orders.

All together now... 'Under the spreading chestnut tree...'

Google 'honour', and learn.

jaded said...

No,still don't care.
PS Melvin don't care what gender you think I am either.
Try harder boys.Keep banging the keyboard whilst I carry on doing a job you could only dream of doing.

Anonymous said...


Noggin the Nog said...


You have absolutely no idea what jobs I've done.

The day I dream of being a state paid thug with no morals and even less intelligence, I may as well check out.

jaded said...

Don't fall into Melvins trap of sexist or homophobic abuse based on the screen name of people on the internet.It's childish.

Anonymous said...

People.....there's a no need for all this fussin and a fightin and a feudin.

Now......who started it?

Noggin the Nog said...


Don't fall into a politically correct hissy fit because I think you're a nancy-boy.

Anonymous said...

Did you take that amended oath to well and truly serve any old queen, jaded?

JuliaM said...

"People will be turning in their neighbours and relatives for thought crimes (they used to be called opinions)..."

I think we passed that point a while ago...

"Just sayin' there's a compare and contrast here, whereby the state claims exemptions which it will not extend to civilians."

Yes indeed. The State is not your friend.

"Back in the real world-I DONT CARE what you think NTN.If you are so sure of yourself write to your MP,make a complaint..."

Jaded, as Noggin quite rightly points out, this matter has been decided already. The police should not be retaining DNA.

No amount of 'I'm just following orders' will help. It's almost as if you really don't care for the thoughts and opinions of the public, isn't it?

If only Shami Chuckabutty got on this bandwagon...