Thursday 29 November 2012

This Must Be The ‘Farscape’ Version Of A Peacekeeper?

Mrs Turner said Gray had “tried to act as peacekeeper and tried to prevent this incident escalating”, but admitted “it was a reckless assault”.
So…just how did this fragrant flower of femininity attempt to ‘keep the peace’..?
She appeared alongside Lorraine Ann Edwards, 30, of Ordnance Lane, who was charged with affray following an incident at the Black Bull pub in Hull Road on August 19 last year.
Mr Barker told the court Edwards had argued with her ex-partner, Christopher Edwards, over the phone while he was in the pub, and she and Gray, who had both been drinking, went to face him in person.
The court heard an argument ensued, before Edwards punched the victim repeatedly. The court heard Gray, who was holding a broken glass, had lashed out at Mr Edwards, causing a cut to his neck which needed stitches.
The fight then continued in the car park, with Lorraine Edwards also assaulting a woman who came to the victim’s assistance.
Ah. OK. Well. That’s not how I’d have done it, but…

Oh, wait. We’re not quite finished:
Michelle Gray, 37, of Speculation Street, York, pleaded guilty at York Crown Court to charges of affray and possession of a bladed weapon.
Nicholas Barker, prosecuting, told the court Gray had woken residents of Constantine Avenue, Tang Hall, by shouting in the street at about 12.45am, and when a 35-week pregnant neighbour asked her to keep the noise down, she responded by insulting the woman, and said: “I’m going to get you when you have your baby” .
The court heard Gray also threatened two men who approached her in the street during the incident in March, telling one: “I’ll cut your throat”, and the other: “ I'm going to maim you”, before she lashed out with a kitchen knife and stabbed one of them in the thigh.
When she was arrested, Gray told police: “I admit I did it,” and: “He deserved what he got, end of” .
Lovely, I'm sure you’ll agree.
Taryn Turner, mitigating, said Gray was “a woman who is capable of controlling her anger, tackling her demons, and learning to cope with mental health issues she undoubtedly has”.
I've no doubt she is, but it seems she has little desire to do so, doesn’t it?


Robert the Biker said...

Is it unkind of me to hope that the next time she does this (and there will be a next time)she wont be dealing with the usual metrosexual type and will instead get the living shit kicked out of her.

Anonymous said...


Actually receiving a serious kicking and the realisation that her actions have a consequence could have a positive effect. A good example for these people would be the effect of going to work and receiving a wage. They might find the concept revolutionary though.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX who was holding a broken glass,XX

"I wuz just tydying up for the barman....HONEST!"

Tatty said...

Robert - we think alike on this one. I think you'll find though that the more feral and vicious female scum is then the more likely they are to go screeching to the police and cry victim afterwards.

You hafta choose your retaliations carefully sometimes deferring them to a later date/time and perform them well out of sight ;)

On another note; I LOVED Farscape....Ben Browder + black leather = cold shower. *phfwoarrr*.

And Aeryn woulda kicked her arse. So would the little fella on the flying throne, for that matter heh.

Robert Edwards said...

There is a reason, Julia, why Colt called their single action Army revolver (pattern 1873) the 'Peacemaker'...

But you probably knew that already.

JuliaM said...

"..and will instead get the living shit kicked out of her."

And will then immediately bask in society's disapproval of 'men who beat up women', despite the fact she may well look like a hod-carrier in a dress...

"..."I wuz just tydying up for the barman....HONEST!"..."

Quite! And, no doubt, more grist to the mill of those who'd ban all glasses in pubs, just in case.

"On another note; I LOVED Farscape....Ben Browder + black leather = cold shower. *phfwoarrr*."

He was excellent in 'Stargate' too!

"But you probably knew that already."