Wednesday 21 November 2012

The ‘Seven P Principle’ Is In Play Here…

At yesterday’s hearing, Jonathan Stone, prosecuting, said four men including Stringer arrived outside the shop on mopeds before Stringer used a hammer to smash through a window to steal the watches.
CCTV cameras inside the store and on High Street showed the group leaving the scene before Springer was seen being tackled to the ground by passers by.
Mr Stone said: “It was a well-planned operation but fell flat at the end. They had not planned their escape but there must have been a degree of research done.”
Stringer got five years, but we know he won’t serve it all, though. He already got 64 days off for time spent in custody.

And as there’s no report of other arrests, he possibly didn't give up his accomplices, either. I’d have tacked on an extra five years for each of ‘em!
William Woodman, defending, told the court that Stringer was in financial difficulty after being out of employment since 2009.
He said: “It seems that when he is in employment he does really well, but when he isn't it seems to have a significant effect on him. There is no suggestion he used the hammer to threaten anyone.”
In other words, when he’s got a job, he stays on the straight and narrow, but when he hasn’t, well, a life of crime is the only thing that beckons?

Incompetent crime, at that? I guess we know why he can’t get a job then…

H/T: MacHeath via email


Macheath said...

There is, however, one reason to be cheerful here. In 2009, the same shop was attacked by armed robbers and a local man gave chase.

He said: “I caught him on the corner, but he wrestled himself free. I caught hold of his jacket but he was a good two inches taller than me – I’m 6ft.

The ex-Royal Signalman added: “I just went in without thinking. My wife wasn’t happy, but you just do it on the spur of the moment.

“It’s a pity a lot more people around didn’t grab them.”

Three years on and another robbery; Stringer was caught because several passers-by seized him and sat on him until the police arrived - and praised them for their efforts.

Even you will surely admit that this is an encouraging trend...

Batsby said...

I reckon an extra five years for each would have been a great gambit. What a pity our legal system thinks human rights extend to criminals.

John Pickworth said...

Good catch... film at eleven

Sod it, film available now: YouTube

Watch the woman (with child) give the perp a swift kick (around 30s).

The sad thing is, this strapping lad is barely 23 years old and falls at one of life's first hurdles. Unemployment is terrible but he's got another 50 years of working life to go. Did he seriously think knocking over the local gold shop was a suitable alternative to the dole or getting another job? WTF are we teaching the kids these days!

James Higham said...

Sit on a crim today.

JuliaM said...

"Even you will surely admit that this is an encouraging trend..."

Oh, absolutely! If I ever open a shop, it'll be here!

"What a pity our legal system thinks human rights extend to criminals."

But not a vote. Not yet, anyway.

"The sad thing is, this strapping lad is barely 23 years old and falls at one of life's first hurdles."

What skills does he have?

"Sit on a crim today."

I had to read that twice. Well., I had just been replying to the Muck Masturbation story... ;)

John Pickworth said...

What skills does he have?

Certainly escapology won't be bullet-pointed on his CV. But what skills do you need to work at the local pea shelling factory? He looks fit and able; there are plenty of rolls that require little more than hard graft.

Alas, I know that, you know that. Our future mail bag stitching trainee probably won't get it until he's an old man and wondered why his life turned out so badly.