Friday 30 November 2012

Quote Of The Month

Longrider in strident rebuttal of the latest Nanny State nonsense:

"It is not the government’s place to ban anything. It is not the governments’s place to decide on our behalf what we may put into our bodies or how much. Indeed, how we live our lives and if we choose to go to hell in the hand basket of our choosing is up to us, not government, because, and I am growing weary of pointing it out, it is none of their damned business."


Robert the Biker said...

Quite! Providing that we are prepared to bear the consequences of our own actions, the State should bugger off!

JuliaM said...


Tatty said...

Providing that The State reduce the cost/refund tax on ALL things Nanny State considers "bad for health"...for which I can then afford my own private insurance...then they can bugger off.

If I'm paying for a service through increased prices and taxes such as those on on ciggies, alcohol, food and leisure activities etc then I damn well want my money's worth !!!