Thursday 8 November 2012

Yet More Brutes On The End Of Leashes…

which end, I’ll leave you to judge:
Louise said one of the women offered to pay for Millie’s vet’s bills and gave a mobile phone number which turned out to be false.
Shocker, eh?
Following the attack Ms McGuire, from Edmonton, reported the incident to the police, who said they will be making an assessment of the dog who carried out the attack to decide whether it should be classified as “vicious”.
However, according to Ms McGuire, the police say this is a civil dispute. She said this was the second time this particular dog had attacked one of her pets and said that more must be done to prevent further attacks.
I doubt the police will consider it a priority until someone's killed or they themselves are on the end that's got teeth in...
"Apparently the teenage boys who were looking after him dropped the lead by accident which is why he wasn’t on it."
Some 'accident'. And an offer to pay the vet bills looks like merely an attempt to get themselves out of trouble. How, as the lady points out, can they replace her pet?

It doesn't seem to be a concern for most:
Mr Donovan who is staying with his daughter Pauline Matthews in Bedforshire while he gets over the ordeal, said: “It was very distressing. It was so sudden that I couldn’t reach her in time. I gave it four hard kicks to get it off but it had ripped her stomach open and her innards had come out.
The woman with the dog didn’t seem to care. She didn’t help and there was no response from her, not even an apology. ”
More trash with vicious dogs not caring a whit…

Most of these scum only have pity for themselves:
Speaking outside the court, Mills-Jones said he was “very upset” and believed the two dogs were fighting, rather than his dog attacking his neighbours.
He said: “I don’t know how they test that it was my dog that done it. They (the court) don’t have any consideration about animals.
The 24-year-old cried throughout the proceedings and asked the court if he could not be forced to litter-pick during his community order.
His defence solicitor Richard Quinn said: “He doesn’t feel he should go around putting right what others have done wrong.”

And then, this:
…the dog’s owner Emma Gregory, 20, has been hauled before Manchester magistrates’ court. She pleaded guilty to having a dog that was dangerously out of control, and a further count of having two fighting dogs.
The court heard that Gregory, of Wheler Street, Openshaw, also owns a second pit bull-type dog called Mia.
She must have a good, well-paying job to afford two large dogs and a baby, eh?
Peter Etherall, defending, said Gregory – the mother of an 18-month-old baby – had never previously had any problems with the dogs. Gregory laughed and waved as she left court.
And why shouldn't she? She is, after all, winning. Along with all her fellow scum. Isn't she?

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