Monday 19 November 2012

What Future..?

Mark died just seven days after the birth of his daughter Mychalina on July 11…
Oooh, the name kind of gives the game away, doesn’t it?
… and had been on a night out with Frayne before they went back to a flat in Goole to take heroin.
It proved to be a fatal mistake. And not – for once – due to contamination with anthrax.
Mark's fiancée Stephanie, a student child psychologist, was due to marry him at Christmas.
She claims to have been unaware of his drug use. Which is, well, possible, I suppose.
She said: "We had been together for two years. He had never done drugs, this was all a total shock to me.
"When they told me he had died, I felt like I had been ripped apart. I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him and now Jake's actions have stolen my future and my daughter will never know her dad."
Ummm, hang on. ‘Jake’s actions’..? No. Not just his…

It does take two to tango, doesn't it? Mark was a willing participant in a risky activity.
Stephanie said their daughter still won't be old enough for her to explain what happened to her father by the time Frayne is released from prison.
"I just want to protect her but I cannot save her from the day I have to sit down and tell her what Jake did," she said.
"I will have to say to my daughter, 'That man killed your dad'."
Don’t forget to add ‘because your dad was too stupid not to see the potential risks and so agreed to take illegal drugs’. I mean, surely a future child psychologist doesn't think hiding the truth is a good thing?

I'm not convinced this poor kid’s future isn't already sealed.


Robert the Biker said...

Hmm, I thought these tossers injected the shit.
So, this woman didn't see any track marks, find herself confused by boyfriends references to pink clouds and fluffy bunnies, or wonder where all the money was going?
Sounds like self effacing bullshit to me!

Anonymous said...


As for the rest of the story....who cares?

Farenheit211 said...

There are some names that guarantee a child is going to be a failure in life and this child is heading for school failure, youth custody, single parenthood and sponging.

Robert the Biker said...

Ranter: Wasn't there a song like that? Oh, my mistake, My Sharona
Still, My Chalina could work too!

Anonymous said...


Come off it chaps, haven't we all thought, I know I have just had a pint down the local, the best thing now is to inject heroin. Actually I've never thought that either, I have thought a bacon and sausage butty or a curry would be an excellent idea, I also in my younger days thought raiding my father's whisky store was a good idea. Heroin no. Ah well another one for a Darwin then.

Anonymous said...

Goole ...from A.G. McDonnell's "England Their England" :

"Impulsively he went in and bought a ticket, and at 5 o'clock on a drizzly, foggy winter's afternoon he found himself, with spirits rapidly shrinking, in the gloomy city of Kingston-upon-Hull. As he stood in the centre of that dismal spread of squalor and shivered in the cold and listened to the screaming of the trams he began to bitterly regret his impulse. The only shred of consolation he could find for the fact that he was standing - cold, wet and lonely - in the town of Hull, was that he might be standing cold, wet and lonely in the town of Goole, which, as seen from the train, looked even bloodier than Hull."


John Pickworth said...

I thought I was a heartless bastard because I laughed when reading this post... then I read the post above it about the blind man's dog.

My eyes are now so sore but its worth it :-)

JuliaM said...

"Hmm, I thought these tossers injected the shit."

Well, quite. A far more dangerous way than smoking it.


I've got some even better ones lined up, Ranter.. ;)

"Come off it chaps, haven't we all thought, I know I have just had a pint down the local, the best thing now is to inject heroin."

:D But as Laban points out, there are worse impulses...

"My eyes are now so sore but its worth it :-)"

Heh! We aim to please... ;)

Loki said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *pauses for breath* hahahahahahahahahahah.