Saturday 3 November 2012

Wait…Now It Takes A Village To Raise An Adult?

A "code" which could help prevent people becoming victims of crime has won backing from all the candidates to become the first Notts Police and Crime Commissioner.
"Caroline's Code" is being developed following the murder of Caroline Coyne last July.
Ahhh, yes. That’s this case.

When police came in for a lot of unfounded criticism for telling her they weren't a taxi service. Even though they were perfectly correct to do so. They aren't a taxi service!
After Thursday's verdict, Jason Stansfield, who helped bring Caroline up while in a relationship with her mother Mandy Coyne, wants public, transport companies and taxi firms to sign up to the code, which obliges passers-by including bus drivers and the public to try to help people at risk.
This is actually the law in France and some other countries. It doesn't stop bad things happening. They still do.
Conservative candidate Tony Roberts said: "That 'neighbourliness' does seem to have gone now. You have to think about the potential consequences of ignoring that person. This could make us all more aware and a bit more sensitive and something good could come out of it in the end."
Really? You don't think there might also be some adverse consequences to allowing every slapper in the county to decide that they don't need to worry about their taxi fare home - nay, even getting a taxi at all - and they can, instead, depend on the kindness of strangers because it's mandated in law?
Paddy Tipping, the Labour candidate, said: "I'm very supportive of the idea of the code. I'm concerned that not just on this occasion but with what happened at the Forest Recreation Ground there were serious consequences that could have been avoided."
The incident he's referring to is this one, when a woman who didn't have the full bus fare was refused and later, as she walked home, raped. Why didn't she have the full bus fare? Who knows. We can guess...
Mr Stansfield, 42, said: "If it does take off it could be rolled out nationally and become a pilot project.
I'm still determined that there will be an attitude change."
Perhaps the 'attitude change' you should be aiming for is this one:

"Ladies! Considering going out on the lash? Make sure you don't drink so much you can't get home safely! Especially, don't drink your taxi fare home money!"

This has been a public service announcement.


Anonymous said...

Well, one reason why people don't intervene is because they're frightened about becoming suspects. Particularly if younger people are at risk, if the potential victim is pissed and the would-be Samaritan is male.

DJ said...

What Anonymous Said x 1000.

APL said...

Hey wasn't this the basis for the grand finale Seinfeld episode. Fun for all.

Anonymous said...

The police are paid for from the public purse and no they're not a taxi service, but they do have a duty of care when a person in distress needs assistance. This was not a case of a casual request for a lift home but a frightened woman who as it turned out had good reason to be afraid.

Your blog disturbs me, not so much for the endless tales of feral children, feckless mothers, out of control dogs and petty officialdom. All those tales blend into one and lose all meaning. No, it's you, sitting at home, deeply miserable, pessimistic and cynical. Putting out this same old stuff day in and day out. That's what frightens me. Your hatred, your lack of humanity, the absence of soul or empathy. At least if you were a 'slapper' you would be alive.

JuliaM said...

"What Anonymous Said x 1000."


"... but they do have a duty of care when a person in distress needs assistance. "

The police will do NOTHING ELSE every Friday and Saturday night if they have to sort out women 'in distress'.

Usually caused by one or two or fifteen too many Bacardi Breezers.

"Your blog disturbs me..."

Not my lack of faith, then? seems you just can't tear yourself away.

Anonymous said...

For those who have seen the film, "Soylent Green", they may recall a scene where a vehicle with a large scoop approaches a rioting mob, picks up a bunch of them and deposits them into a secure container at the back. In a perfect world, such vehicles would not be needed. However, we do not live in a perfect world and they would be very handy in any weekend night in most of the cities and towns of this country. The following day, each and every person found in the secure container would be charged and fined. I would suggest that the number of 'captures' would very quickly fall unless some evil genius links it into the unemployment or disability benefit payment system. The alternative is that every Police officer who refuses to give some drunken cretin a lift will face disciplinary action.

Rob said...

Great! Free transport for all!!

Seriously, how are they going to mandate that a member of the public must pick up every stray pissed twat lurching into the street? Will there be coppers in plain clothes pretending to be pissed, staggering into the road and banging on your car bonnet?

Also the first Anon comment. Completely true. If you picked up the 'vulnerable' person and she made a completely unfounded allegation against you you are fucked. You have no defence. The police who insisted you be a "Good Samaritan" would now enthusiastically fuck you up.

Sad, but this is the world that Progressives have made.