Thursday 15 November 2012

Doughnut Wars!

A primary school which refused a healthy free milk scheme is instead flogging its pupils fattening doughnuts in the playground.
*GASP* Call the ….well, who?
Cuddington Croft Primary School has already sold sugary Krispy Kreme doughnuts twice this year to children…
Hang on! Eating doughnuts (even those ghastly Yankee things) twice a year is hardly likely to be perpetuating the obesity ‘crisis’, is it?
… in an attempt to raise funds for school projects. Meanwhile, the school opts out of a European Community subsidy scheme to offer under-fives free milk, needed for healthy bones and teeth.
Oh noes! How can it possibly turn down an EU directive!
Astonished parents claimed the doughnut sale could encourage vulnerable children to buy more and increased the risk of obesity.
Note that the term ‘parents’ is used – however, it seems to be just one that has a bee in her bonnet about this.
Paula Dolijanin, a health visitor, of Cheam, said the school’s inconsistent stance on healthy eating confused young minds.
The mother-of-three said: “Young children are vulnerable to such organisations through daily life, but I find it unacceptable that these organisations are welcomed into a position of trust inside school grounds. “They are allowing Krispy Kreme to push their product in the school at the expense of children’s health, but yet it doesn’t offer milk, which is good for healthy bones and teeth. “It’s sending mixed messages to children.”
Oh, boy! One of those.
A school spokesman said the provision of milk was not viewed as a priority because of “significant disadvantages in relation to the logistics, administration, storage and distribution of the milk including the implications of spillage during warm weather”. He said the school had examined the provision of free milk and felt while there were “marginal benefits” , the disadvantages “would have diverted valuable staff time away from the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum in other areas”.
They’ve clearly had run-ins with this woman before:
The spokesman said: “We are more certain, however, that the vast majority of parents at the school believe they should have free choice as to what they will and will not buy.”
Ouch! In the comments, the battle rages:
Twopenneth says...
A rather hysterical article I think!! The "Health Visitor" mentioned is a parent whose name I have seen bandied around on whinging correspondence before!! Just don't buy the Donuts if you don't want your kids to eat them - everything in moderation I think. How many other Primary schools in the area have a swimming pool where all the children (including the 3 year olds in the nursery) have weekly lessons? I don't know of any others. Cuddington Croft is great at promoting physical exercise and healthy living and is a fantastic school. I think us parents can ensure our under 5's get the calcium they need too without having to be provided with it and as the school points out, the kids get free fruit which I know is very popular.
Oooh, controversial! We can’t put Ms Dolijanin out of a job now, can we? She does have at least one supporter:
healthyeater says...
I am astounded at the negative response to such apparently obvious issues. The provision of milk to young children was a decision taken by health care professionals. What authority or qualification does a local school head have to override such a decision? Children are a blank canvas - if you tell them fruit is a treat then they will want fruit. If you tell them donuts are a treat then they will want donuts. It is not difficult to see that companies such as the one described are exploiting children in what should be a safe environment. They want children to consider donuts a treat so they keep buying them - otherwise known as a loss leader.... If the donuts are for the mothers as stated above, then why not provide them for the mothers in an environment where the mothers are able to make an informed decision…..maybe at the gym….so they can work off the 200 Calories before it causes them any serious health issues – that will be 30 minutes on the cross trainer per donut!! Education is not something which should be taken so lightly. We need to give our children the best start possible and protect them from those who either too ignorant or too lazy to resolve such situations themselves. I praise the efforts of the "Bully" parent you mention. Without such people, teachers might still be selling Coka Cola in the hallways, smoking at the school gate, and beating children with canes. Society needs people who are prepared to fight for what is right and not hide behind the established norms.
And with that, the blue touchpaper is lit!
mumster says...
In response to the post by 'healthy eater' Cheam (who in most of the Mum's opinions is actually Paula Dolijanin, the health visitor, of Cheam quoted in the article!) I am a Cuddington Croft Mum who regularly chooses to eat Krispy Kremes & buys them for her children but still adopts a healthy lifestyle so we really don't need someone like you telling us we should be buying our donuts at the gym to burn off 200 calories! Get off your high horse & do something useful for our school instead of whingeing please. Whilst there are ongoing major concerns about the safety of our children as a result of the recent attacks in the area, you and the Guardian should be more concerned about protecting our children from strangers rather than Kripsy Kremes.
Safer, clearly, to get between an angry grizzly sow and its cub than between a Cheam parent and the Krispy Kremes!
mumster says...
I wonder which stall Paula is volunteering to help on at the PTA Summer Fair at Cuddington Croft tomorrow? Presumably the salad bar?
Ouch! Miaow!

Someone purporting to be the lady herself shows up in the comments. I suspect it really is her, as the insufferable sense of righteousness dowse tend to give it away:
Paula Doljanin says...
There seems to be some confusion after the recent publication of my comments in the Guardian and although I feel it is necessary to clear up some basic facts. I believe the school is generally a good school and recognise their achievement in attaining good inspection results. I appreciate all the efforts made by the school in provision of fruit and the focus on healthy lifestyles in PSHE. I also realise there are a number of issues at the school which are being discussed at the moment such as the issues with Mrs Flynn, the security concerns and the high staff turnover. Please realise that I am a Health Visitor and so, my professional interest is in all health related issues. I have discussed the staff issues with many people and feel that issue is being progressed at the right levels. I have discussed the security issues with Surrey Police and believe they have that under control. I have chosen to focus on those issues where I can offer the most assistance to the school. These are the hygiene of the toilet facilities, the provision of drinking water in the toilet facility, the provision of milk (as provided under the European School Milk Scheme) and the impact that eating habits will have on Children's long term health. When dealing with issue at any school, there is a simple process you should follow. Initially, it should be raised with a teacher. If unresolved then you should raise it with the Head. If still unresolved to your satisfaction then you should go to the Board of Governors. I have followed this course regarding the European School Milk Scheme and I am still unhappy with the outcome. As such, I have raised the issue of the School Milk and the donuts with the Surrey Council, the District Councillors - Nigel Petrie (also a Governor) & Christine Howells and our County Councillor - David Wood. I will continue to raise this with professionals in this aspect of Child Health until I feel I have received a reasonable outcome. When evaluating the long term benefits of milk, it is simply not good enough to say that it is too difficult. When contacted by the Guardian, I gave my opinion regarding the doughnuts and the milk and also raised a lot of positive points about the school. I did not see the final story before it went to print and had no say in which comments I would be quoted on. In any case, I am happy to stand by my comments and have not acted under any pseudonym when stating my case. I am prepared to state my beliefs and be judged accordingly. I can understand why some others have used that approach when stating that allowing corporations into schools is acceptable. The House of Commons Health Committee published a report on Obesity in 2004. This can be found at: http://www.publicati /cm200304/cmselect/c mhealth/23/23.pdf. For ease I have copied the following statements for your review.
 (Ed: huge wall-o-text snipped for brevity – you can read it at the original comment if you really want to)
Against the reports recommendations, the Government has set this as an issue for local determination so it is the responsibility of all parents to make their views known. I believe parents should make an informed decision so please review the House of Commons Health Committee report and make your opinion known. The school dinners should also be reviewed and I have not yet looked into them with sufficient detail to form an opinion. The point here is not about freedom of choice - if you want them at Tesco, Waitrose, Asda, Morrison's or Sainsbury along with your alcohol, cigarettes and ****. If you think it is worth saving a few dollars (Ed: Huh? Wrong currency, love!)now at the risk of your (and my) Children's health then that is your right but please do not think I will stand by and allow that to happen without voicing my opinion. Finally, the PTA did a great job today. The school fair was enjoyed by all of our family. We caught up with lots of parents and made good use of the bouncy castle. We did not have any fairy floss or doughnuts but stuck to the home made cakes and soft serve ice cream - I don't believe their was any impact on our level of enjoyment! I am happy to discuss this further.
Got that? Good!

The increasing irritation with this dogmatic, ‘I know best!’ approach is clearly getting on the parent's tits:
astonished2 says...
Unfortunately all i read then was..blah blah blah!!When you start hiding behind tedious quotes people stop listening. Its interesting that this parent has taken her issues so far and yet nothing has changed? Is it actually because this whole thing has been blown out of all rational propotion? I am interested to know whether this parent lets her children have birthday cake at their birthdays or at their friends birthdays..or is that banned ? Isn`t this about the old adage...everything in moderation. Please do not assume other parents are not as caring or concerned about their children as you are. We are all intelligent, articulate people who can make sensible decisions for our children without the forceful input of a ` health visitor`. I am so glad you were not my children`s health visitor as I would probably have found you pushy ,forceful and actually rather intimidating. Your professional role should be to monitor and offer guidance to new parents...not ram your views down people`s throats and make them feel inadequate for allowing their children an occasional treat.`
Well, well, well. Ms Dolijanin certainly knows how to make friends, doesn't she?

I would tell her you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but she’d probably claim honey had too many calories…


Weekend Yachtsman said...

How encouraging it is to see so many comments along the lines of "shut and go away, we're all adults and can make our own choices thank you very much".

Could we spread this meme around society, do you think, so that any prodnose or busybody who pokes their head above the parapet immediately gets showered in sh*t?

Wouldn't that be good!

Bucko said...

"Without such people, teachers might still be selling Coka Cola in the hallways, smoking at the school gate, and beating children with canes"

Can I just offer my support for all of the above? Particularly the beatings...

AndrewWS said...

Dolijanin - old Surrey family, dontchknow, speaks with the authority of so many of that name being on war memorials.


Officious bitch

Anonymous said...

People you feel deserve a good slap - Number 3456271

Anyone who refers to themselves as "a health care professional" - and not just because they lack the moral courage to use the word fascist and substitute "care" instead ...

Refer to yourself as a Doctor - ok, we sort of know what that means
Refer to yourself as a Nurse - ok, we sort of know what that means

But if you refer to yourself as a health care professional then there is a 99.9% probability you are just an unqualified prod-noser attempting to dictate how people should live their lives, and worst of all, probably being directly or indirectly funded from the public purse to do it.

WPC Jilted said...

i noes donuts is spelt rong julia we get em in pakits an i got english sertificat in wreadin

Tatty said...

I stopped reading at "Krispy Kreme" though noted in a quick skim the emphasis of people's indignation has been plumped...pun intended...squarely on "Health".

Well fuck that for a game of soldiers ...D'ya know how much those things cost ?

I've never seen them on sale round these 'ere parts but returning from a holiday darn sarf a couple of months ago they were two for a tenner in a motorway service station.

A four pinter is considerably cheaper...even if the cow has a gold-plated udder.

Cuts ? What cuts ?

Anonymous said...

Paula Dolijanin,

a health visitor
- distinguished profession, why she gives us 'Health Visitor' later, why not PAULA DOLIJANIN, HEALTH VISITOR?

Then just pull random meaningless words out of her clown's pocket:
vulnerable blah blah blah unacceptable blah blah blah trust

Oh bugger it. She wins. I cannot out-bullshit her.

A quick Google shows that she may have upped sticks and gone to Singapore.

JuliaM said...

"How encouraging it is to see so many comments along the lines of "shut and go away, we're all adults and can make our own choices thank you very much"."

Yup, you really can't fool all of the people all of the time.

"...then there is a 99.9% probability you are just an unqualified prod-noser attempting to dictate how people should live their lives.."

And are one of the first public sector jobs that should be 'under threat'.

"D'ya know how much those things cost ?"

They are a lot cheaper in Tesco, but I have to say, I'm not impressed. I like plain old sugared ring doughnuts from Greggs.

"I cannot out-bullshit her."

It is, after all, the main area these people are trained in...