Friday 23 September 2022

All Back To 'Normal' Now..?

So much for the State Funeral uniting everyone:
A father, aged 46, who has a son at the school told Yorkshire Live: 'It was a scary moment when I heard there had been trouble and a teacher answered my 14-year-old son's phone. I understand he may have witnessed some of what happened.
'I was asked by staff to come and collect him. I've heard that it all came out of nowhere. This pupil was grabbed, pinned to the floor and stabbed repeatedly.'

And is now dead. Just another statistic. His murderer is 16. And we can't know his name, although we know that of his victim (Khayri), and his victim's girlfriend (Shyana), who are both white. 

Draw your own conclusions... 

Another father, whose daughter is at the school, said something 'needs to be done' about the rise in crime in the area, adding: 'My daughter just started there and was getting on bus home. Lad in black hat and snood jumped out on a pupil and stabbed him and ran off.
'She saw the scuffle but didn't see the knife or blood. The bus had just pulled up as it happened so blocked some of the incident - she seems OK but still processing it I think. It's only her third week or so at this new school.'
He added that the area was starting to 'feel like a crime drama.'

They usually end with a stiff sentence for the guilty party. Not so real life... 


Anonymous said...

But according to the left-wing cabal that run this country teenagers don't commit crime and need to be supported when nasty policeman stop and search them.
It will be interesting to see if they name or publish the picture of the suspect.

Anonymous said...

And so more people will feel they need to carry a weapon to protect themselves and we spiral further downwards. How much longer will it be until even ordinary folks feel a need to protect themselves especially when the police have been proved to be unable or unwilling to protect the public. My wife recently rang the police to report an assault happening in our local park and the police claimed they couldn't attend because they couldn't find the post code. She called for medical help and 10 minutes later an ambulance arrived having had no problem finding it. Speaks volumes in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Victim and girlfriend are of mixed race, not white

Boganboy said...

Sounds as though the drongo should be hanged.

Though of course this won't happen.

JuliaM said...

"It will be interesting to see if they name or publish the picture of the suspect."

If they do, it'll only be because the media have won a court case...

"Victim and girlfriend are of mixed race, not white"

Are they? Since no pictures of a father were shown, I couldn't tell.

"Though of course this won't happen."

Wouldn't under the laws in effect when we did have it as an option...