Saturday 3 September 2022

And Why Are They So Brazen, Johanna..?

PC Johanna Hernandez Garcia said: “The suspects brazenly robbed the victim in broad daylight and in front of a bus full of people.
“We know the impact robbery has on victims and are focussed on responding effectively to such crimes and investigating them fully. Since the incident took place we have been carrying out various inquiries and are now appealing for the assistance of the public.”

Could it be that they are only too aware of the fact that there's no law and order any more? 

That the police are terrified of this section of London's 'community' and far too concerned with easy non-crime to worry about such trifling matters as street robbery? After all, if they act on this sort of thing, their supplies might dry up and that will never do!


MTG1 said...

Many years ago, I first described here and on several police blogs, an oncoming tsunami of general lawlessness and endemic plod corruption. For my pains, I was made the target of much plod abuse and ridicule (plus unwarranted obscenities and impossible biology made all the sillier through misspelling, WC Jaded.)

Naturally, a sensible history of events would have steered a different path for Justice and Law Enforcement. That widespread plod-scoffing and impossible biology reserved to an outrageous prediction, may then have been legitimised.

Better to have been proved wrong because there is zero satisfaction in the annoying 'I told you so'. If there is a positive and negative to most thingse we should never entrust these distinctions to plod for whom sparks and bewilderment are the only results of connecting battery terminals in the dark.

JuliaM said...

"Better to have been proved wrong because there is zero satisfaction in the annoying 'I told you so'."

I have always found it VERY satisfying...