Friday 30 September 2022

Quote Of The Month

Bucko on an interesting twist of the Chris Kaba affair: 

And now:
Chris Kaba's cousin leaves job as Croydon school teacher to 'campaign for justice' full-time
It's funny that. Campaigning for justice is not actually a job, let alone a full time job. It certainly doesn't pay any wages. So how is this altruistic campainger for the opressed and downtrodden, plan to put food on the table? 
Mr Bosela has also started a fundraiser explaining: "The campaign has been and will continue to be lengthy, costly and traumatic for those involved. Due to this, the target goal will be adjusted accordingly to compensate for this and to support the campaigners in their ongoing endeavour to bring the culprits to justice.
Of course! He's going to live off donations to his 'campaigning for justice and not sitting on my arse smoking weed' fund


Bucko said...


Anonymous said...

Well of course their is always the poor old long suffering tax payer to sponge off isn't there.

Anonymous said...

At least this idiot isn't indoctrinating children anymore.

JuliaM said...


You're welcome 😉

"At least this idiot isn't indoctrinating children anymore."

Sadly, if only there weren't thousands more ready to take his place...