Friday, 9 September 2022

"Once, Twice, Three Times A Failure..."

....but don't worry, Commodores, medals for all, anyway!
'If the police had done their duty, we wouldn't be here today and I wouldn't have been stabbed.
'They should've been on his door in seconds.
'They waited once, twice, three times and still they did nothing.'

Even the jury looked askance at this blatent failure: 

In an extraordinary move, the jury at Hove Trial Centre wrote to the judge after convicting Bhatti to express their concerns about the police response and investigation.
Judge Henson QC said she shared their concerns and added: 'These are concerns which need to be addressed by the police and what lessons can be learned going forward.'

So, cops, what lessons did you learn? 

Chief Superintendent Howard Hodges said: 'This was an unprovoked and vicious attack on two members of the public in the street and we commend them for supporting this investigation and for their bravery.
'Two unarmed officers in separate vehicles were first on scene....

Oh, well, if they were unarmed what could the public expect them to do? They were unarmed, after all. Right? I mean, the Chief Super said so... 

...and maintained sight of the individual while awaiting firearms officers to arrive, in line with national College of Policing guidance.
'However, as the risk of immediate danger increased, the two officers on scene moved to detain the man themselves with the use of Tasers.'

Oooh, looks like he lied. They weren't unarmed after all!  

PC Ryan Oakley and Sergeant James Arrol-Barker were the first officers on the scene. In recognition of their bravery, the two officers were named as the South East regional winners of the 2022 Police Federation Bravery Awards for their actions in detaining the armed suspect.

A nice gesture would be for them to hand those awards publically to those members of the public who tackled the nutter. And an even nicer gesture would be for Priti Patel to announce an investigation into why a Chief Super is lying to the press. 


Ed P said...

NCP: National College of Policing or car parks? Perhaps either would do as well when a brave response is needed.

Sam Vega said...

Oh, he won't have lied. There will be some technical pseudo-legal quibble about how "armed" means holding a firearm.

OK, a nutter with a deadly sword. Not a job for the faint-hearted, that's for sure. But two trained blokes with tasers, batons, and the ability to run him over in a car. With help from the public. I've known blokes who would actually relish a ruck like that. Isn't that what the cowardly shits said they would do when they signed up? I hope the award features a white feather somewhere.

MTG1 said...

The same old chestnut...lazy plod and deranged sociopaths, again. Neurosurgical treatment is by far the most practical, economical and safe option. I'm less certain about the best remedy for deranged sociopaths.

Sgt Albert Hall said...

Shameful neglect

JuliaM said...

"Perhaps either would do as well when a brave response is needed."


"There will be some technical pseudo-legal quibble about how "armed" means holding a firearm."

Oh, certainly! Doesn't pass the sniff test though, except maybe with lawyers...

"Shameful neglect"

Indeed so...