Friday, 23 September 2022

Nobody Would, Mr Smith...

Essla shouted: “I’ll kill you” and the Arabic phrase 'Allahu Akbar' before running across the road towards the victim, who had a newborn baby in a pushchair, and another woman.
As she approached the women Essla lifted her arm and swung the knife at the second woman, striking her on the shoulder. Essla then slashed the mother, who is in her thirties, three times on the lower part of her arm in a “stabbing motion” causing three separate cuts, said Wayne Cleaver, prosecuting.

Yes, it's this case.  

Mr Smith, 63, said his daughter-in-law has been left frightened to leave her home following the attack. “She’s a nice girl and has never been in any trouble in her life, she just plods along and loves her kids,” he said.
“I have to thank the police for responding so quickly and members of the public who stepped in the way to prevent her coming to further harm.
Mr Smith added: “However, I hardly call this sentence given to the attacker a deterrent.”

Oh oh! Surely not..? 

She was given 16 months detention in a Young Offenders’ Institution suspended for two years and a 30 day rehabilitation activity requirement. She was also banned from contacting the victims of the offences and from going within a mile of Forest Road until further order.

*speechless* Those reports must have been amazing....


Bucko said...

Wow! Violent offences no longer seem important to the courts. You get more for misgendering someone. I'd be tempted to go out and repeatedly stab a few people I don't like, but as a white male, I'm sure the modern leniency of the courts would not apply to me

DJ said...

And an interesting contrast with the post below. The BBC has no trouble running with allegations that Achmed the millionaire (but with with no actual employment mentioned) was "'assassinated' in a pre-planned 'hit' by West Yorkshire Police". Meanwhile, an enricher shouts Alluh Ackbar while attacking white people but apparently it's rude to speculate what her motivation might have been.

Anonymous said...

No need to worry I am sure that when she kills someone,as she almost certainly will, she will get at least 12 months in jail. Well for the first time she kills someone
anyway the second or third time it might be longer.

JuliaM said...

"And an interesting contrast with the post below."

Indeed. Purely by design, of course... 😉

"No need to worry I am sure that when she kills someone,as she almost certainly will, she will get at least 12 months in jail."

Oh, I'll be looking out for the name to crop up again.