Friday 30 September 2022

The Culture Wars Are Yours To Lose, Harris...

...and the first shots have been fired:
Philip Pullman has called for an external review of the Society of Authors (SoA), the UK’s largest trade union for writers, illustrators and translators. Earlier this year he stepped down as president of the organisation because he felt he “would not be free to express [his] personal opinion”.

External reviews can throw up all sorts of things... 

In a letter he wrote to the SoA’s council and published by Private Eye this week, Pullman said he resigned because he “felt that the Society did not support me when I was criticised by those who were attacking” Clanchy and her book.
“Instead of looking at the issue calmly, the society (through the management committee and its chair) immediately adopted a position of self-righteous neutrality (as it seemed to me), though more self-righteous than neutral,” the letter continued.

And now Clanchy too has come out swinging. I need to order more popcorn! 

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