Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Is It Possible He's Even Worse Than Dick..?

He certainly hit the ground running. And now he's picking up speed:
Scotland Yard’s new Commissioner is consulting officers over a proposal to make every constable swear allegiance to King Charles III. Under UK law, all serving police officers must take the oath in which they swear to truly serve the monarch with ‘fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality’.

Wait, surely they don't have to do it over again? 

Reader, of course not... 

There is no requirement for existing officers, who swore allegiance to the Queen, to retake the oath because it passes to the heir in the event of death.

So why, in the midst of taking over a new role when his officers are about to revolt over his craven acquiescence to the demands of race hustlers and are being stabbed in the streets by maniacs, is he - you should pardon the pun - dicking around with something like this? 

The Commissioner, who is embarking on a period of major reform at the Met, told rank and file officers that he had found it ‘very powerful’ when he was sworn back into office as he took the helm at Britain’s biggest police force on Monday.

The man's ego is far bigger even than his predecessor's if he thinks for one moment that this is something that should take up valuable police time in the coming months. Not to mention the time it will take from the magistrates who have to administer the oath.


Doonhamer said...

On noes. Do I have to do my Official Secrets Act oath again? Just in case I should sell our secrets. Although I would not get much. They are all available in a Ukraine street market. Thanks to our generous gubments.
Plus Cubs and Scouts oaths?
And what is it with Marks? Does it save on stationary or door signs if the Commisioners have same name?

Anonymous said...

I took the oath at Hendon with all of the intake (180) new PC's in front of a magistrate.
It means nothing as so did the ones that turned out to be corrupt. This new buffoon thinks it will stop bad behaviour if we retake it for the new King.
Don't forget Shipman took the Hippocratic oath before he killed hundreds of his patients.

James Higham said...

Can’t be worse than Dick until he kills a Brazilian electrician.

MTG said...

Putting an 'R' soul through a ritual oath changes nothing.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that partial phrase, " ...Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs, and successors..."
is understood by Joe 90 (a description, I understand, was sometimes heard during his time in Surrey Police). If it is, why would he waste many hours, and a shedload of taxpayers money?
There is no doubt that Sir Mark is an intelligent man, but is he capable of overseeing the largest Police Force in the country, especially one in which so many recent events have helped destroy confidence and trust. I certainly hope so.

Anonymous said...

It the guy wants to waste police time to demonstrate just how woke he is why not let him? We don't see a police uniform in my area from one year to the next so it won't make much difference.

Ted Treen said...

Why should anything change when selection is always from the Common Purpose pool?

Nemisis said...

@Ted Treen:
"Pool" or "Cess pit"??

JuliaM said...

" Just in case I should sell our secrets. "

If I had any worth anything, I'd have sold them!

"Can’t be worse than Dick until he kills a Brazilian electrician."

I think they are mostly all Romanian these days!

"There is no doubt that Sir Mark is an intelligent man..."

I don't think intelligence is what we need.