Friday, 16 September 2022

Doing More For The Image Of The Police...

...than a million rainbow-painted patrol cars:

A Met Police officer has been praised for his approachable and professional behaviour after he was filmed posing for photos with members of the public who were queuing to see the Queen lying-in-state.
PC Kehinde Meshe, from Croydon, was captured on BBC cameras as he interacted with mourners queuing through central London yesterday, ahead of Westminster Hall being opened to the public.
The officer passed his hat to passersby so they could pose for a quintessentially 'British' photo and even joined them for a selfie.

That's true 'community relations', Sir Mark. Not reflexively cringing in the face of the usual suspects when one of your officers has done his job. 


Anonymous said...

A quick lab check confirmed that he was taking the piss.

MTG1 said...

Meshe lends his fists just as readily as getting his helmet out in public:

The 'reformed' Kehinde Meshe is no stranger to violence. In 2015, the Met cop was given a final tribunal warning for his use of violence on a 14 year old boy. Violence that was found to be unnecessary, disproportionate and unreasonable. In an altercation at a London school, Meshe pushed a pupil against a wall and kneed him in the stomach. The pupil defended himself whereupon Meshe started punching the boy.

And amidst all the fake funeral sobbing, it would be a National relief to see a pregnant woman make use of the 'policeman's hat' clause with an emergency defecation. I can live in hope.

Anonymous said...

I really do wish we had our community police officers back, spotting an office around my area is like finding a ten pounds note. As for interaction you can forget it unless you don't pay you tv license or some such easy and safe revenue gathering can be done.

Anonymous said...

Without knowing the details of the incident with a 14 year old boy, I can give the case of being assaulted by a 14 year old boy while preventing him smashing car wing mirrors. I am 5' 10" and he was taller than me, wearing the ' gangsta gear' of grey tracksuit bottoms, grey hoodie, and Nike trainers.
At his court appearance, ha was dressed smartly in his school uniform, shirt and tie, and polished black leather shoes. He'd even shaved the designer chin stubble.
If it wasn't for the evidence of 2 witnesses, the school and church (I kid you not) references would have put me in the dock.
Many kids these days, it seems, know their rights but not their responsibilities, are taller than those of an earlier generation, and there are always shyster defence lawyers, usually legal aid funded, willing to play dirty games to alter the image of some of these toe rags.
All kudos to the Metpol officer. It's a shame that more and more officers don't do the same. It's called Community Relations. There are now a few more people knowing that not all coppers are bastards.

MTG said...

'Not all coppers are bastards'. I heard the same rumour, Penise.

JuliaM said...

"The 'reformed' Kehinde Meshe is no stranger to violence."

Pretty sure it comes with the job, on occasion. So what?

"All kudos to the Metpol officer. It's a shame that more and more officers don't do the same. It's called Community Relations."

Well said!