Thursday, 22 September 2022

Another 'Innocent Man' Gets In The Wrong Car..?

The inquest also heard a pen portrait of Mr Yaqub from his partner Zoe Summers, the mother of his two children, who were six months old and 11 at the time of his death.
She told the court: 'I always felt lucky to have Yassar in my life, especially as we got older.
'He had such a kind, loving nature and only wanted the best for people around him.'
A tribute from the couple's daughter Jasmine added: 'I miss my dad more than anything.
'His presence made me so happy, I wanted to be around him forever but now all I have are memories and pictures, which I will hold on to forever.
'My dad would always encourage me to focus on my dreams but since he passed away it's very hard to, especially in school.'
Mr Yaqub's father Mohammed told the hearing his son was 'well respected in the community and never out of employment'. He fought back tears as he said: 'He was a natural father, he loved (his children) with his whole heart and taught them to be kind to others.'
Gosh, what a saint he was! So...why was he shot twice in the chest by an armed cop during a hard stop?
The judge said: 'It will not surprise you to learn that the event of stopping the Audi and Volkswagen did not just happen out of the blue.
'You will hear the police had been interested for some time in Mr Yaqub before January 2, 2017.
'You will hear they had been receiving police intelligence about his activities. They had built up a picture of him.'


A handgun, bullets and a silencer were later found during a search of the car.

QED. So the only real question is - why are we wasting money on an inquest?


MTG1 said...

I am quite certain this was another unlawful killing. The victim was involved in drug dealing and gangland violence...facts that will persuade many including yourself, Julia, to excuse the killing. Yaqub belonged behind bars but his lifestyle didn't merit a trigger-happy, police execution.

Yaqub was a passenger in one of two cars travelling together when four unmarked police vehicles stopped them both at junction 24 of the M62 near Huddersfield. Amin the driver, obeyed police instructions while Yaqub crouched down to protect himself from drawn police guns. He complied with police instructions and brought his bare hands back up, whereupon the officer shot him repeatedly through the windscreen, because the latter was 'under no doubt he was holding a handgun'.

That police admitted to seeing both Yaqub's open hands speaks volumes of the unlawful killing by their awareness through distinction and the Establishment yet again, excused another unnecessary armed police execution.

Bucko said...

This happened five years ago? There must be a huge backlog at the inquest place.

Anonymous said...

I'm rather in favour of gangland violence, riots between 'indus and Musselmen, especially if there are a lot of fatalities ...

Anonymous said...

Oh do one...he travelled to Bradford to pick up the gun in Akhbars in BD3 for an assassination.

The drug dealer who "grassed" him up was later mown down and axed to death on the street not 5 minutes away from said restaurant...

Boo f*ck*ing hoo

Anonymous said...

No mention of him being an aspiring architect.
I would hate to suggest that the gun being found underneath his seat, was dropped when he was shot.
The world is definitely a worse place-ish.

JuliaM said...

"I am quite certain this was another unlawful killing. "

I really didn't doubt that...😏

"This happened five years ago? There must be a huge backlog at the inquest place."

Grinding slowly, those wheels of justice...

"I would hate to suggest that the gun being found underneath his seat, was dropped when he was shot."

Perish the thought!