Thursday 1 September 2022

Strong Words...

Raimundas Pazdrazdis was convicted of 16 offences; Sigtas Pazdrazdis, who owned two of the dogs, was convicted of 12 and pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a pitbull terrier and Edgaras Pazdrazdis was convicted of two offences.
Councillor Syed Ghani, cabinet member for enforcement and community safety, called the convictions "a fantastic result".
He said: “We won’t stand for dogs or any other animal being treated in this despicable way and if we find out somebody is mistreating them, we will make sure that we go all out to take the strongest action.

Wow, the strongest action, this will be good! 

The three men were each sentenced at Romford Magistrates Court to 12-month community orders of unpaid work and ordered to pay a total of £85,000 costs.


Raimundas Pazdrazdis was banned from keeping dogs for seven years, Sigtas Pazdrazdis for five years and Edgaras Pazdrazdis for three years.

Because after that time has elapsed, they'll be model pet owners..? 


Ian J said...

and presumably the dogs were destryed? or were they put in kennels awaiting 'rescue'?

Nemisis said...

@Ian J - according to the local council's website four pit bulls are going to be put down.

The surprise in this for me is the total costs of £85,000 - I can only assume that much of this is for keeping the animals fed and housed between "arrest" and departure. Let's hope that the money gets paid......

JuliaM said...

"...four pit bulls are going to be put down."

After costing the taxpayer how much? Should have been done then and there.

"Let's hope that the money gets paid......"