Friday 16 September 2022

Predators Usually Have To Work A Lot Harder For Prey...

Lisa Wilding KC, defending Matturie, suggested what happened between them was, “consensual, willing and enthusiastic” sex, not rape.

Sure, sure. Is there any proof of th...


The woman denied this, claiming the incident left her feeling “shamed and disgusted”. Wilding continued: “When you and he had sex ... you and he filmed that sex. You know that you and he had a discussion beforehand, words to the effect: ‘Let’s make our own little movie’.”
The witness replied: “No. I wouldn’t do that.” Wilding said: “He had his phone right in front of you all the time you and he were having sex.”
The woman replied: “I was not aware of that.” Wilding said: “You looked directly at the camera more than once, enjoying what you were doing?” The woman, who became tearful, replied: “No.”

As I - and other - said over at Tim Worstall's post on this, how on earth did the CPS overlook this video? 

The defence barrister said the woman would be asked to look at some images. The hearing was then adjourned and when court resumed after lunch, Timothy Cray KC, prosecuting, told the court that the prosecution was not now seeking guilty verdicts on alleged sexual offences involving the 19-year-old complainant.


Prosecutors have alleged Mendy is a “predator”.

Wow, with a hit rate better than that of the black footed cat! Of course, mice don't waltz into its jaws, do they? 

And it seems the CPS didn't pick any winners out of the rest of the bunch either.... 


Umbongo said...

The CPS must have had the phone and therefore the pictures of this sexual idyll . . and they still went ahead and prosecuted. Obviously the CPS is still following the Starmer dictum that "victims must be believed" even if (or always in cases of alleged rape) the easily ascertainable facts are otherwise.

JuliaM said...

"Obviously the CPS is still following the Starmer dictum ..."

Oil tankers change course faster than public sectors!