Thursday 1 September 2022

Does The Mother Bear No Culpability, Then?

Judge Graham Reeds QC told Newton: “In September or October 2019, at a time when you were completely unsuited temperamentally to looking after a very small child, you lost your temper with your son’s crying and caused him significant injuries by bending back his arm and by injuring his leg.”

I'm so sick of reading these stories... 

Newton was described as having a functioning ability towards the “bottom level” and he has not been involved in any further offending, according to Mr Singh.

He hasn't had the opportunity, has he? 

Judge Reeds told Newton: “I am satisfied that these two incidents when you harmed him were in circumstances where you could not control your emotions, and where you were struggling to look after and understand the behaviour of your new baby.”
Judge Reeds also added: “I am satisfied that you would not have committed this offence but for the fact that your limited functioning made you less able to cope with what you were taking on.”
Judge Reeds sentenced Newton to two years of custody suspended for two years with a rehabilitation requirement and a six-month curfew.

Sadly, only to be expected these days. But why on earth is no-one asking why the mother allowed this man to procreate with her, never mind look after the resultant offspring? 

The court heard the youngster was placed into foster care with social services until it was agreed he could be looked after by his auntie and he was eventually returned to his mother in August, 2020.
Mr Sheldon said: “He has made a full recovery and he is a healthy, happy little boy and all appears well in terms of his physical future.”

With a mother like this one, who can really say that with a straight face? 

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