Monday, 26 September 2022

It's A Start...

...but it's a welcome one to clip the militant unions' wings:
Trade unions will be forced to put pay offers to a vote among their members as Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng plans a fresh crackdown on crippling strikes. In his 'emergency Budget' this morning, Mr Kwarteng announced new laws to ensure industrial action can only take place once talks between employers and unions 'have genuinely broken down'.

And there's more... 

Mr Kwarteng said: 'Other European countries have minimum service levels to stop militant trade unions closing down transport networks during strikes.
'So we will do the same. And we will go further.
'We will legislate to require unions to put pay offers to a member vote, to ensure strikes can only be called once negotiations have genuinely broken down.'

Why wasn't this done before, one wonders? 

Former Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who was sacked by new Prime Minister Liz Truss this month, welcomed the Chancellor's announcement.
'This is one of the items from my 16-point-plan I presented this summer for tackling "forever strikes" and means four of the measures are now underway,' the ex-Cabinet minister said.

Ah. Well, maybe you wouldn't be an 'ex-Cabinet Minister' if you'd moved it up your plan a bit, eh, Grant? 


MTG1 said...

Love to see all trade unions, including the quasi fraudulent, outlawed. And that steaming pile of merde, the police federation, would top my list.

Judd said...

Trade unions already do put pay offers to the members, its what happens in my workplace.

However to by law remove the right of unions to call an effective strike (by leaving levels of service intact) might seem wonderful news to those who have been brainwashed into believing unions are satan, working class people all over the country will realise this is only the thin end of a wedge that will eventually come for them too.

You know all those in the red wall areas who loaned out their votes to the tories under Johnson, working class people in mainly industrial areas, wonder what they'll do next general election?

It won't come as a surprise, or maybe it will, that those who work where there is collective bargaining by a recognised union enjoy better terms and conditions compared with those who don't, but it doesn't end there, competitors have to try and keep up with the terms they offer their non unionised workforce or risk losing their best staff to the company offering better terms, the better payers able to cherry pick from the best candidates.
Those in the industrial sector even if not union supporters or members benefit to some extent from the wave effect of good deals made generally by unions.

No i'm not a militant, am an old school conservative by nature which means i have no representation in parliament and no-one to vote for currently.
I have however been a union member for almost all of my working life and still am, i've seen what happens in places with no decent union, and people who actually work in the real world rather than push pens for a living should remember why unions were created in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone else feel even a little suspicious that all these long demanded, apparently previously proposed, but somehow repeatedly stymied (including by the very people now implementing them) policies are now miraculously being successfully pushed through?

It couldn't be that 'they' want us to simply accept that women and 'diverse' politicians can govern better than any mere white male, could it?

It's a long-standing leftist strategy after all, undermine an institution from within (either by putting one of their own, masquerading as the opposition, in charge to do as bad a job as possible, or negate any action taken by anyone else), then put in a 'chosen one' to 'save' us, by doing a minimally competent job (facilitated by not being undermined, since those who were previously, are now in charge).

Call me a paranoid or a cynic, but I'm waiting for the honeymoon period to end, and the open implementation of their real agenda to begin.

JuliaM said...

"Love to see all trade unions, including the quasi fraudulent, outlawed."

They serve a purpose, but they need to be more responsive to what their members want, rather than what other influencers want...

"...those who have been brainwashed into believing unions are satan..."

Not satan, but hardly angels either. Like big charities, too prone to militant takeover.

"It's a long-standing leftist strategy after all, undermine an institution from within..."

Indeed, and they appear to have done their job well.