Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wheel Out That Boilerplate Statement Again!

A commenter at this thread points to this story:
Officers launched an appeal and sent out a description of the alleged attacker after the victim said she had been raped while walking along the canal towpath in Brimscombe on Thursday, December 23.

The incident was first reported on January 7.
Like all those other things that slip your mind over Christmas...

Of course, it's yet another false allegation and of course, she's not going to be prosecuted, though god only knows why:
Detective chief inspector Andy Wasley said: "Our investigation has established that no sexual assault took place and the woman involved has also acknowledged that no such incident occurred.

"I am keen to reassure residents in the area of this and remind them that they do live in a safe community.

"Gloucestershire Constabulary take all reports of sexual assaults very seriously and this incident was no different, with a full and thorough investigation launched.

"While we have decided not to prosecute this woman we would like to emphasise that making false claims is a serious offence that completely undermines those people whose lives have been devastated by genuine crimes of this nature.

"We would like to encourage genuine victims to report their experience and reassure them that each case is treated in a sensitive manner by specially trained officers."
If you continue to fail to treat these people as they deserve, you can expect more and more of them. How is THAT going to make genuine victims feel?


Anonymous said...

thank the maker they didn't jump to arrest some bloke or blokes to try and make the evidence fit a crime, that did not exist. I can't believe they have decided to not prosecute her, why the fuck not?!?
We are however starting to see some seeds of equality what with people bieng quoted car insurance on thier driving history rather than gender. A slow and grinding process for feminazis to have the truth of equality shoved in thier face and wack thier purses.
Oh and before we get some poor rape victim comming on to tell us how this affects them, DON'T!

Anonymous said...

Scratch that, if a victim of rape can think of some one else other than themselves for a moment I'd welcome thier thoughts on what they think the decision not to prosecute has as an effect on victims of this crime

JuliaM said...

"thank the maker they didn't jump to arrest some bloke or blokes to try and make the evidence fit a crime, that did not exist."

Perhaps if she'd given a better description, they would have?

Anonymous said...

Julia M. I'm the anonymous to whom you responded that rape was not a fate worse than death. The general thrust of your argument was that we don't live in Victorian times, so suck it up.

I am a man. My sister was savagely raped by a total stranger while walking home. She lost three teeth, suffered a fractured eye-socket bone (I don't know what it is called) and has lost almost all hearing in her left ear. She doesn't tell me about the rest.

I do not understand you. But I don't like you because all you do is point-score with no regard for victims.

My sister will get better because she is strong and we all love her. Even if she didn't have her injuries we would believe her, without question. Of course, for people like you these injuries are proof.

According to her, the broken bones and black eyes don't matter. The violation is what is so horrendous and continues to hurt. I guess people haven't changed so much since Victorian times.

To avoid confusion, I am not the anonymous from previous posts but I do have sympathy with his point of view.

Anonymous said...

I think the only reason I have this point of view is precisely because I was falsely accused of rape having had consensual sex. My innocence proved at the very, very last moment. What happened in-between being arrested and told I was free to go I don't think anyone can appreciate unless they have faced it, some don't and take their lives. So far from having no humanity or not caring about rape victims I too am capable of being a one trick pony, focusing on my own hell and allowing it to ruin my life for ever more.
I will never realy know why she did it. There is no support. In fact to all intents and purposes the consequences are probably not that dissimilar from being found guilty. The only difference is that you know and have always known that you didn’t and couldn't do it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7.16,
I feel your pain and I am so sorry that you went through this. I think you are as harmed as my sister, but she is so irreparable. I can't describe it. She's three yesrs younger than me and I've loved her since I can remember. She was beautiful and carefree and confident. Now she rarely smiles, constantly shakes, and jumps if a balloon bursts.

Best wishes to you. What happened to my sister is nothing the same.

Just don't belittle it.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't bellittling it, just trying to say two things: it has little or no place in a discussion about false allegations and in my experience the only way out of this type of hell is to forget about it and move on. Easier said than done.

I wish her well, she will survive.

Anonymous said...

She will. And so will you. God bless.

JuliaM said...

"I do not understand you. But I don't like you because all you do is point-score with no regard for victims."

That's your point of view, and you are entitled to it.

But as my next story shows, even the judges are becoming aware that the womwen who cry rape falsely are actually muddying the waters for true victims like your sister.

Those are the ones I'm concerned for, but I'm also equally concerned for the men who have their lives turned upside down.

"To avoid confusion, I am not the anonymous from previous posts..."

Then, if you want to 'avoid confusion', why not pick a name? It doesn't even have to be a real one, but it'll help to distinguish you from all the other 'anons'.

How is this so hard to understand?

"Just don't belittle it."

No-one's belittling it. Unless you think that if we just sweep false claims under the carpet, things will improve for real victims.

If so, I'd love to know how you think that's going to work?

Anonymous said...

Julia, nobody gives a shit about your next 'story'. Get a life you silly cow.

Anonymous said...

Mike proudly says, I give a shit but I wish I didn't.

Again, if we tollerate this then our children will be next.

JuliaM said...

"Julia, nobody gives a shit about your next 'story'. Get a life you silly cow."

The 'next story' I'm referring to is the one published directly after this one. You may wish to read the judge's comment (which is used in the post title) and reflect on the consequences of not ensuring that this is stamped on for those real victims.

Or maybe, since I'm clearly talking to someone incapable of figuring out the 'name' box for comments (or a different person altogether, who can tell?), reflection is beyond you?

Mr Ecks said...

I think you have at least one feminist troll on your case now Julia.
Nobody on this blog is minimising the sufferings of genuine rape victims. If anybody is doing that it is the feminist crew who are quite happy to use the suffering of those victims to peddle hate filled propaganda against all men.They push the agenda that 50,000 men a year are willing to casually commit the awful and seriously-punished crime of rape but also claim that there are no(or a very,very small number of)women who would lie about being raped.Rubbish!
There are at least 5 reasons why women lie about rape:
1-Mental disturbance.
2-Financial Compensation
3-Settling personal scores
4-To get out from situations--boyfriend discovers stains from a one-night fling so she claims she was raped.
5-Trivial reasons--the worst of the lot really, like the three senior school girls who were late for class and tried to excuse themselves by saying a local homeless man had sexually assaulted them--as if the poor bastard didn't have enough problems. Still I suppose the feminists would say that at least he had a roof over his head during the 8 months he spent in custody for something he didn't do--indeed something that never happened at all.

The more liars emerge (and it is 2 or 3 almost every week now) the more difficult things are made for real victims.