Wednesday 25 September 2013

I Guess We Can’t All Just Get Along, Then?

A controversial road safety campaign encouraging mutual respect between cyclists and motorists should be scrapped, the convener of Holyrood’s all-party cycling group demanded.
Lothian Green MSP Alison Johnstone called for the £424,000 Nice Way Code to be replaced with adverts which “takes the subject seriously” .
What’s wrong with them?
The initiative urged drivers to give cyclists more space, overtake them with care and to look carefully for pedestrians crossing …
Seems fair.
… while cyclists were asked to obey red lights and not cycle on pavements.
Seems very fair. Very even handed. Say….you don’t think that’s the problem, do you?
Ms Johnstone said the adverts were more critical of cyclist behaviour than that of any other road users, such as drivers.
One of the adverts warned cyclists not to overtake buses on the inside, and to overtake them on the outside “if you must”, which was criticised by Edinburgh City Council leader Andrew Burns.
No. I've no idea why!
Another showed a horse riding a bike with the caption “See cyclist think horse. Slow down and pass with care.”
At least cyclists don't kick...
The MSP said: “I support those who have called for the withdrawal of the Nice Way Code campaign advertisements and suggest an approach that takes the subject seriously and seeks to embed safe and respectful behaviour across all road user groups.”
But...that's exactly what it's doing! All road groups.
Spokes, the Lothian cycle campaign, agreed. Spokesman Dave du Feu said: “If the objective is to reduce road casualties, and specifically cyclist casualties, then the answer is to make conditions safer.
“Important measures include infrastructure, speed limit reductions, average speed cameras to ensure compliance, and strict liability legislation.”
Ah. Of course. All things that impact on motorists, and leave cyclists unaffected...


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