Saturday 21 September 2013

The Inevitable Result Of Childlike Adults...

...the system starts to treat you like children:
Judge Jamie Tabor QC said that he was “uncomfortable” standing between Natalie Nash, 23, and her husband Daniel, 24, but he feared for her safety in the future. Instead the seven year order, which was imposed in November 2010 after Nash admitted a series of offences against his wife, will stay in place for at least six months to give the couple time to prove that they can get along.
No, there's no Victimhood Poker card in play. They aren't mentally deficient (well, no more so than any other child-adults, anyway), so a sensible approach would be to say 'You made your marriage bed, it's up to you to lie in it'...
Judge Tabor said: “It is a difficult task for a judge to stand between a man and wife. They are joined together in wedlock and they want, apparently, to get back together again.
“For a judge to stand between them is, frankly, uncomfortable. But I have responsibilities towards her to ensure she is protected and not hurt in the future.”
Which, strangely, didn't seem to bother our old friend Judge Jamie about any other potential crimes that his 'clients' might commit.

Maybe if a few pensioners indicated that they'd really like to take a chance on being mugged by Junior Tranter for the money to buy drugs, or husbands suggested that the potential for rat-poison in the curry was merely the spice of married life, he's find his protective instincts coming to the fore?

Of course, there's a healthy dose of identity politics in the mix. Isn't there always?
Polly Neate, chief executive of charity Women’s Aid, said that she could not comment on the individual case, but it is important that restraining orders are not lifted until the conditions that caused them to be imposed in the first case no longer exist.
“Speaking generally, it is not uncommon that a characteristic of domestic violence cases is control by the perpetrator, which can take many forms. It can be very difficult to see from the outside, and many people ask “why doesn’t she leave him?”, but that is about the extraordinary level of control that can be exerted," she said.
Rather like the extraordinary level of control that groups like you seem to exert over the justice system, you mean?

I mean, can the justice system really cope with the extra work policing the behaviour of these people will bring?
Eddie Harrison, prosecuting, said police were looking for Raith as a result of his prison recall on licence for a sentence imposed for an assault on Lisa Payton.
Mr Harrison said: “Officers went to her house at 1am and found the couple in bed together.
“Miss Payton indicated she still wanted the restraining order in place but accepted the defendant was in her bed with her consent.”


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

God's holy trousers! .. it's Wayne & Waynetta!

"Where's my faahckin tea girl?"

"I am havin' a fag "


Woman on a Raft said...

Does Payton understand that a restraining order means he can't come in, not that he can't get out of her bed?

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