Thursday 26 September 2013

A Bit Of A Mismatch?

Burnley Crown Court heard how Alec Cunningham, 29, punched his ex repeatedly in the face and knocked her to the floor as she was holding a child. The infant was injured when their head struck the floor. Cunningham told his terrified victim: “I will kick your teeth out. No-one else will have you.”
Lovely! Still, heartening to hear that, at least for now, he’s her ‘ex’.
He was given six months behind bars, suspended for two years, with supervision and must attend the Building Better Relationships Requirement.
It’s lucky for him he didn’t do something really seriously unacceptable


Joe Public said...

And the prominent "Flash" ad that appears in my brpwser when I read the original story - "Weddings Section - start planning your big day today."

How apposite.

Will nicely round-off his presumed successful attendance at the "Building Better Relationships" couse.

Anonymous said...

The criminal said, "... No-one else will have you."

No, I think he may have got that bit mixed up.

JuliaM said...

"How apposite."

That's just too serendipitous for words...

"No, I think he may have got that bit mixed up."