Thursday 5 September 2013

“Remember: Only Professionally Trained People Should Deal With Crime…”

“…unless, you know, we don’t feel like it, and then we’ll just get any old Tom, Dick or Ahmed to handle it for us'...
Gang members have been known to hide weapons in public places to avoid being arrested for carrying them in the street. But now volunteers, including Neighbourhood Watch members, are being taught how to recover dangerous items and the importance of preserving evidence in case a weapon has been used in a crime.
I'm guessing the 'training' involved is watching reruns of 'CSI'..?
The project began in Lambeth last week, where searches of two estates in the Coldharbour area of Brixton unearthed six knives. It will be rolled out to more boroughs in the coming months and could eventually spread across London.
I can't wait! I've got my own rubber gloves and everything!
Detective Chief Inspector Claire Crawley, from Trident, said: “For some time we have offered weapon sweep and forensic awareness training to council workers, such as estate wardens, across the capital.
“This is the first time we have had training sessions for local residents. It has been very well received in Lambeth, so we are booking further sessions for later in the year.”
Jack Hopkins, Lambeth council’s cabinet member for safer neighbourhoods, said: “We welcome support from the vast majority of law-abiding people who live here.”
A Met spokesman insisted there was no risk of prejudicing trials by having members of the public carrying out police work.
Yeah, I think we’ll let case law be the judge of that. Defence solicitors must be rubbing their hands together with glee...

Update: Farenheit211 might just have the answer to this.


Bucko said...

What about guns? Don't you get five years for finding and handing in a gun?

Anonymous said...

Don't hand it in.

DerekP said...

"Don't hand it in."

Have a heart - think of the poor police officer who lost it.

MTG said...

Dreadful misfortune awaits the well meaning UK citizen who finds a firearm and in good faith, picks it up with the good intention of handing it to plod without delay.

"Don't hand it in."

Safer and certainly fairer, to engage DCI Claire Crawley in Russian roulette before involving yourself in this hare-brained scheme. Never collaborate with plod on matters concerning firearms and never, never, hand in a firearm bearing your fingerprints/DNA or touch anything offered to you by plod which can be associated with a firearm, such as holsters or ammunition.

Trust me on this.

JuliaM said...

"Don't you get five years for finding and handing in a gun?"


"...think of the poor police officer who lost it."