Tuesday 3 September 2013

I Hope, By This Action, The Police Have Made Themselves Liable For Future Attacks...

...though, given what they can apparently get away with, I'm not hopeful:
Security guards Graham Cook and Liam McHale, who were on patrol in the hospital grounds, heard her screaming and rushed to help her.
Mr Cook said: “Liam and I were carrying out a standard patrol at the hospital when we heard screams coming from a nearby street.
“We saw a lady on the floor being attacked by a large white bullmastiff and a pit-bull puppy.
“We physically lifted and dragged the dogs away from Mrs Hird, who appeared to be injured, so that she could escape to safety. We are just relieved that Mrs Hird is okay."
 And the authorities took action!
After the attack a dog warden was called to take the dogs away...
 Well, some of them...
...and they have now been reuinited with their owner.
Police are currently investigating the incident, but no action has been taken against the owner.

The council statement is somewhat terse:
A Burnley Council spokesman said: “We believe the dog warden has acted correctly throughout this incident.
“A serious dog on person attack that results in hospitalisation is a police matter. However the council dog warden did attend the scene and took two dogs away to the kennels where they were seized under the police’s authority.
The police subsequently allowed the dogs to return home. The council doesn’t have powers to keep dogs at the kennel if the owner comes to collect them.”
 In other words, 'We did our job. Unaccountably, the police didn't do theirs'.
A spokesperson for Lancashire Constabulary said: “An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident is ongoing. We have previously spoken with all parties involved and will be speaking with the owner of the dog in question again in due course.”
Don't rush or anything, eh? I bet the house has been marked on the PNC so that you don't walk unknowingly into danger though...


Ian Hills said...

Pig uselessness rises in direct proportion to everyday violence.

Perhaps we should ALL get bull mastiffs and pit bulls, and equip them with automatic weapons.

Imagine a would-be groomer explaining his wounds to the police when he complained of child racism.

They'd nick HIM for a change instead.

JuliaM said...

I think we do need to start thinking seriously about other options. The service we pay for is woefully lacking.