Friday 20 September 2013

The Trouble With Nursing Today…

…is, it seems, often the quality of the nurses. Nurses like Margaret Oluwasere:
A nurse cautioned by police after a fire started when she left her children home alone has been struck off the NMC register.
And no, not just for that, either. Reading between the lines, I get the feeling that if she’d apologised, she’d have been home free!
The panel heard Oluwasere was later barred from working with children and vulnerable adults by the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA), but she failed to tell her employers about the ban for three months.
She had a novel, if unconvincing, excuse:
During a meeting on April 13, 2012, Oluwasere, who was responsible for the care of vulnerable adults, said she had not told the Trust because it took her a while to understand the consequences of the ISA's direction.
Just what you want in nursing! Someone who doesn't understand ‘You may not…’.
But the hearing heard she was fully aware of the seriousness and consequences as she appealed the ISA's decision.
Oluwasere failed to attend the hearing in Central London because she was not "prepared to sit in public and discuss her personal affairs," and was not represented.
Ah, well. There’s plenty more where she came from, right?


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John Pickworth said...

Ah, well. There’s plenty more where she came from, right?

Sadly, probably true. Although I hope they just send us something useful next time.... bananas for example.

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"Sadly, probably true."

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