Saturday 14 September 2013

Filling In The Blanks?

Last night, Normanton councillor Balbir Sandhu, who lives about a mile away in Field Rise, Littleover, said he feared the greyhound and Alsatian involved in the incident were his dogs.
He said: "My dogs went missing at about six o'clock. My dad opened the gate and didn't close it. He has had two strokes and it's affected his memory.
"My guess is it is my dogs. It's terrible – I want the woman to know I am very sorry and I will do everything I can to help her."
He said: "I'm in contact with the police. We're still looking for them."
A police spokeswoman confirmed that they were investigating a dog attack but could not confirm whether or not Mr Sandhu's dogs had been found.
Terrible incident, distraught but responsible dog owner, all’s well that ends well?

Ah, but there’s the comment section to throw a little light:
by HJP1957
"These dogs have attacked before, people & animals have been attacked, they used to fly at the main gate anytime anyone passed .. I live in the same street as these people, they have electric gates fitted & extra fencing so I don't see how they could let the father open the gate it should be padlocked.
by smurf12
“If they were this man's dogs, it is not the first time they have attacked in the street, a friend of mine and her dog were attached by these dogs a couple of years ago, she had heard of other people being attacked by them as well. The police have a record of this but nothing was done at the time, she had to take him to civil court to get money from him to pay her vets bills. They are vicious dogs and need to be put to sleep, this man shouldn't have dogs as they are always escaping, everyone in the local area knows this.”
Hmmm. Perhaps, if these comments are true, this is yet another case where the police should be facing questions?


John Pickworth said...

"It's terrible – I want the woman to know I am very sorry and I will do everything I can to help her."

I just put that into Google and it came back with...

"Shit. Don't much care what happened... again; but as long as I get my dogs back and don't get prosecuted, then I prepared to say anything".

JuliaM said...

Heh! I'll keep my eye on this one - more people are coming forward about these dogs now.

Interesting times ahead for ol' Balbir.