Tuesday 13 May 2014

Are We Really Raising A Generation Of Wimps..?

Mrs Spenser said cyber abuse was different to face-to-face bullying, which normally took the form of repeated harassment through insults or physical aggression. She said a ‘one-off’ incident online could have much bigger repercussions.
‘A nasty remark that gains 100 “likes” from friends or others is devastating, the sheer volume of response can be amazing.
‘What’s worse is that children feel a compulsion to keep looking online 24/7,’ she added.
In short, they deem themselves unable to do what any sensible person would do - switch off.

And rather than teach them this, as a result, she's calling for a new criminal offence of 'cyber bullying' to be created.

But why would a psychologist's researcher think that she was qualified to make suggestions for the justice system?
Mrs Spenser, who is a magistrate, said she would like to see cyber bullying become a criminal offence.


Bucko said...

I got bullied at school for a time, off someone who used to punch me in the face, really quite hard.

Unfortunately face to face bullying does not come with an off button.

If parents deem it absolutely necessary to buy their kids internet ready gadgets, they should take the time to teach them about the possible quagmire they are getting themselves into.

Not demand the police track down everyone in the world who 'liked' a nasty comment.

MTG said...

Slightly off topic but richly titillating - Avon and Somerset's Gaffus gargantua (savagely stung by criticism of poor quality of leadership within the police) is himself nicked and in 'suspenders', Julia.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Bucko, you are asuming the "parents" themselves know the pitfalls.

Bucko said...

Yes FT, I do make that assumption.

I suppose that in the many cases where this is in correct, the lessons need to be learned again by a new generation who aren't guided through life by governments and 'campaigners'.

Crackerwax said...

When I was at school I was bullied by someone who said they had a petition that had been signed by everyone in my year, demanding that I be banned from the sixth year common room.

The took great delight in waving it around in front of my face but, naturally, wouldn't let me see it.

Sadly the bully in question was the deputy headmaster. Not a lot you can do when he's bullying you.

I never had an issue with other kids bullying me, nothing that a swift punch didn't sort out (although usually followed by copious apologising, which somewhat watered down the message).

Furor Teutonicus said...

I ask myself if "Parents" were actualy ever at school themselves.

"Oh just ignore him, he will go away."

Aye, fucking RIGHT laddie!

"Just punch him in the nose. He will go away."

Aye, he will. For ten minutes. Then he comes back with five mates to "have a word."

Or did "parents" go to some wonderful land in the sky, type of school, where every one was nice, and abided by Queensberry rules?

JuliaM said...

"Unfortunately face to face bullying does not come with an off button."

Quite! 'Sticks & stones...'

"Slightly off topic..."

Oh, I've got one eye on that one to see what develops!

"I never had an issue with other kids bullying me, nothing that a swift punch didn't sort out..."

That might have worked with the deputy head too...