Thursday 8 May 2014

Our Future Leaders Are Heard From…

A police officer was assaulted and five people - including a 16-year-old boy - have been arrested following a night of violence in Mottingham.
Police, including the Met helicopter and dog unit, were called out to Kimmeridge Road at around 7.10pm last night (April 26) following reports of criminal damage and anti-social behaviour.
Comments are … well, read on!
Lileymae says...
Can I just point one thing out.. Yeah the police are meant to do there job but does it take 11 cars and 4 vans to come and arrest one boy. Also like to add that the officer that got 'assaulted' actually tripped over he's own feet. The police were being malicious and mimicking some of the people that were at the scene just so they would get a reaction to make a arrest. While I was here a women came over to one of the cars and looked shaken up and said that a gang of boys had actually been sitting on her drive and hadn't moved and she had kids with her. Not one of them moved to see what the problem was they was to busy trying to attack the teenagers of mottingham. And can I note the gang wasn't from mottingham they had come down for a boy and do you think the police looked to stop it. No.. so maybe before everything is blamed on the youth, they should look at how the police are acting. The people that criticise our generation forgot who raised it.
I don’t think anyone actually raised you. Unless it was a pack of wolves...


Anonymous said...

This is my manor and I know exactly what happened.Mottingham is hill-billy central,second only to St Mary and St Pauls Cray.
The assaulted officer broke his ankle and needs a steel plate fitted so not a minor injury.

Anonymous said...

I went to Mottingham once.

It's a cuntpile.

Anonymous said...

Jaded, isn't Mottingham where the brave new world of SNT's was only recently exemplified by the fact that IT, the SNT, was ONE constable; a fact that the then 'Ops' supt seemed to find surprising. FUBAR!

Mottingham is just like all the other surrounding shitholes, Downham, Grove Park, Bellingham - one big spreading inkblot, a chavscum stain enveloping everywhere. Neighbouring Chizzle-urst isn't much better - moneyed chav and worse.

Wasn't always the way of course. Vote UKIP!

JuliaM said...

"This is my manor and I know exactly what happened.Mottingham is hill-billy central..."

*duelling bajos*

"I went to Mottingham once."

I'm happy to say I've never had the 'pleasure'...

"Neighbouring Chizzle-urst isn't much better - moneyed chav and worse."

Chislehurst?! Say it ain't so!