Sunday 4 May 2014

"English Not Your First Language,. You Say..?"

", that's no problem at all, you can still work for us here at the 'Daily Mail'."


Anonymous said...

Ms Kent's precision strayed or her poetic diction has evolved, Julia.

And that kitten bore some semblance of a cub...but the rose eludes me.

You are aware the topic is wasted on Jaded et al?

GalaPie said...

And yet they got "its" right..!

Anonymous said...

I can spell pompous sneering arse Melvin.

Anonymous said...

Very good work, Jaded.

Future lessons will combine correct spelling with punctuation and we may explore the more challenging aspects of paragraphs and logic.

Anonymous said...

We may also explore the more challenging aspects of "getting a life" Melvin.

MTG said...

Need any help 'their', WC Jaded?

JuliaM said...

"And yet they got "its" right..!"

Which id mote than a lot of signwriters manage!