Wednesday 28 May 2014

*Fetches Popcorn*

In the red corner - Mark Wadsworth's 'homies':
A controversial housing development should be replaced with...
In the blue corner - the Identity Politics crowd:
...a sports academy honouring the world’s first black professional footballer, it has been urged.
Let's have a fair fight, no kicking, no gouging!
Mr Campbell – whose campaign to Save Feethams has attracted high profile support from the likes of Stan Collymore, Irvine Welsh and Fabrice Muamba - told councillors: “If you miss this opportunity, you are going to miss the most wonderful opportunity the town has had.
“You have a platform to do something wonderful and I would propose what we do is build a sports academy on the site.”
Really? Blimey!
He added: “There are statues to Arthur Wharton around the world and there is about to be one 16-feet high unveiled at the home of the Football Association.
“To our great embarrassment, we do not have one in Darlington and I find that humbling.”
Oh noes! How can Darlington hold its head up on the world stage?
In response, the chair of the planning committee, Councillor Paul Baldwin, advised Mr Campbell that they would be unable to halt any building on the site as permission for the housing development had been granted in 2011.
Hmm, good question. How will Mr Campbell come back from this devastating uppercut?
When asked why he had not challenged the original proposals, Mr Campbell replied: “I really wish I had but I wasn’t really aware of them because I was so wrapped up in trying to celebrate a sporting icon.”
"9, 8, 7, 6..."


Robert the Biker said...

So...Arthur Wharton... never won an honour in the game, never capped, famous for being brown apparently. So, name the housing estate after him, stick a statue up in the middle, get on with something important.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Stan Cullymore's opinion is being invoked as support for something ....?

We are doomed I tell ye, doooooomed.

Shakes head and rolls eyes skyward

Bucko said...

Black? Footballer?

Neither are achievements worthy of recognition in my opinion.

Greencoat said...

What about Wachumba Kinmedozie, first black lollipop man?

Where's his statue then?

Anonymous said...


Think you'll find that was actually Watchouta Karzacummin.

JuliaM said...

"Stan Cullymore's opinion is being invoked as support for something ....?

We are doomed I tell ye, doooooomed."


"Neither are achievements worthy of recognition in my opinion."

One isn't even an achievement!

"Think you'll find that was actually Watchouta Karzacummin."