Thursday 22 May 2014

And How's Your Anxiety Now..?

Miss Cox said he was trying to sell the knife to raise more money for alcohol.
She added the father-of-two was suffering from increased anxiety.
Yes, well, a nice walk in the park or reading a good book might have been a better stress-relieving activity for a man with a burglary sentence hanging over his head...


Jack Savage said...

Er...I have a 4cm long "knife" on my Leatherman keyring mini tool.
If I try to sell this in a pub will I get locked up too?

Anonymous said...


'Father of two' breeder of two surely?

andy5759 said...

Twice successful sperm donor.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Some folk are irredeemable and should be treated as such. My anxiety levels have plummeted knowing that King is well banged up.

Anonymouslemming said...

@Jack Savage

UK knife laws are a murky thing to navigate.

My understanding is that if the knife is 3" in length or less and does not lock in any way (so can be folded without any additional actions required), then you do not need good reason to have it with you.

But it's very much down to interpretation. Most Leatherman tools are not legal for everyday carry because the blades lock. Some, while having non-locking blades, require you to unfold the pliers area to fold the blade away, so counts as cannot be folded without an extra action being required.

Those in power have admitted that they never meant the law to exclude carry of things like Super Tools, but because it's such a great tool for the police to arrest you on, they've never clarified the legislation and guidance issued.

JuliaM said...

"'Father of two' breeder of two surely?"


"UK knife laws are a murky thing to navigate."

Deliberately so, I suspect.