Friday 23 May 2014

You Might Not, Heather, But I Do…

Solicitor Heather Atkins, 33, is still coming to terms with the attack on her 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Caro by the Staffordshire Bull Terrier-type dog earlier this month. Caro was set upon by the larger dog, which bit his neck before throwing him into the air “like a ragdoll”.
 The owner of the larger dog continued chatting on her mobile phone throughout the attack in Tooting Bec Common, before calmly walking off and leaving Ms Atkins slumped on the pathway sobbing.
Hardly a surprise, given the owner of the out of control dog is from a demographic where it’s actually jarring to see one without a mobile constantly glued to their ear…
Police in Wandsworth are now appealing to trace the other dog owner, who is described as a black woman aged between 35-45, with short hair and a medium build, wearing a smart business suit and a grey coloured coat.
Typical. And a typical ‘progressive’ response from the bereaved owner:
Despite her heartbreak, she does not want to see the other dog put down. She added: “It breaks my heart that this woman’s behaviour could end up getting her dog put down, just because she isn’t able to control it properly.
“I would never want another dog to be killed because my dog died. The woman needs to come forward, so that the dog can be treated properly…”
The ‘proper treatment’ for this dog is a lethal injection. Give the owner one too.


Anonymous said...

The whole article is a marvellous illustration of how the yoo-kay and London especially is doomed. Love the last paragraph where the BME constable of the Safer Parks Team...FFS...trots out the usual blah.
safer parks?

Still Humphries is interviewing 2 nice Romanians on the show this morning, educated, confident young people - not one of the three has actually made the distinction between Roma and Romanian.

JuliaM said...

That's because they are young & educated...