Thursday 15 May 2014

Yes, I'd Keep My Mouth Shut Too...

The day before the accident that claimed his life, 19-year-old Mr Reddington had told his mother that he was to become a dad for the second time.
His mother, girlfriend and sisters were at Teesside Crown Court on Friday (April 25), to see Darrel French and Daniel Dewhirst Bolton sentenced for their roles in the tragedy.
For the most part, they listened silently to the proceedings, save for the occasional display of emotion. At the conclusion of the case, they kept their own counsel, choosing not to pass comment on the jail term of six years and four months Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC handed down to French.
Mr Reddington’s mother wrote a victim impact statement, which was not read out in court, in which she described the family’s loss.
Unusual reticence, surely? Why no fuss over the...

Mr Reddington got into the Isuzu Trooper with French and Daniel Dewhirst Bolton knowing it was stolen.
Say no more.


Anonymous said...

Fuck, he bred!

wiggiatlarge said...

“He has been seen by the mental health team [while in custody awaiting sentence].

“The reason for that is that he has been having flashbacks to the offences, repetitive dreams and a provisional diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder has been recorded.”
Of course I believe him.

Twenty_Rothmans said...


Inbred, more like. The hard working British families that make up Labour's core vote.

Brainless, rutting animals, churning out clones of themselves, like filthy microbes on Housing Benefit and free school meals.

JuliaM said...

"Fuck, he bred!"

Don't they always, as Twenty_Rothmans points out..? :(

"Of course I believe him."