Thursday 8 May 2014

Sorry, Love, The Bandwagon’s Full Up…

…and you haven’t got the right ticket anyway:
A six-year-old girl is one of hundreds across the city and county bearing the scars of dog attacks.
There’s a pic accompanying the article – if you want to look at these scars, I hope you've got a large monitor and/or a magnifying glass.

So, how did your daughter acquire this scar?
Mrs Taylor-Timson, 35, said: "People don't realise how terrifying it is to be attacked by a dog.
"Lily was delivering leaflets through letter boxes in February…
Whoa! We’ve been here before!
… when I suddenly heard her screaming that a monster had got her.
"She managed to pull her hand out and it was pouring with blood.
"I am just grateful that the dog, an alsatian cross, didn't rip Lily's hand off."
Maybe if she’d kept it out of someone else’s property that wouldn't have happened, would it?


Tatty said...

Drag your kid out in the freezing cold to do the job you're being paid for and she gets bitten by a dog. Well done 'mother'.


Ed P said...

And train your pup how to use a letterbox - it's the paper wot goes in, not yer fingerz

JuliaM said...

"Well done 'mother'"

But she did the modern equivalent of 'kissing it better' - she ran straight to the tabloids!