Thursday 15 May 2014

You’re A Decent Member Of Society? No Justice For You!

Remember this case? There’s no happy ending:
Magistrates decided Staffordshire bull terrier KC can be taken off doggy death row and given back to owner John Roberts, from Druids Heath.
Any compensation?
Mr Roberts was ordered to pay £85 costs, but no compensation, after admitting owning a dog not under control.
No, of course not. Only for the State.
Yesterday, 67-year-old Kath Abbotts, present when her Jack Russell was killed in Druids Heath Park, said: “They should’ve put the dog down. It’s now free to bump into other dogs.
What happened keeps on coming back, yet I haven’t had any say in the matter. I’m the one who has lost out – I’ve lost my pet. It cost me more to have Tilly put down than he paid in court costs. It cost me £98.”
Well, I suppose John Roberts needs every penny, since he states the dog ‘lives in a house with six children’ (not to mention other animals). He must have a fantastic job, to be able to afford them…

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