Wednesday 28 May 2014

Well, That'll Stop Him Kicking Paramedics...

Kitt had suffered serious leg injuries but, even as he was being treated in the ambulance, he kicked out at paramedic Andrew Brayshaw Brown. The paramedic has been unable to work since. It was revealed in court yesterday that Kitt will have his leg amputated next month, after he is sentenced for his crimes.
I'd have amputated his head, but then that's just me...
Kitt's barrister Richard Littler asked for him to be sentenced yesterday, a request that was refused by Judge Richardson. He said: "It is the issue of dangerousness that appears in flashing lights from these papers. It is going to have to be considered.
"That is what screamed out to me when I read these papers. The circumstances of the robbery caused concern, as did the death by dangerous driving, in a different way.
"I think the sentencing judge will be assisted by having what is inevitably a risk assessment in a pre-sentence report."
Will they? Well, they might, but then you can't account for idiots, can you?
The court heard he had previously been given an indeterminate prison sentenced (sic) after a judge ruled he posed a risk to the public.
It is not clear when he was released but it is believed it would have had to be cleared by the Home Secretary.
I wonder which one?

Of course, some people are never at fault for their own misdeeds, are they?
Tributes have been paid to Mr Hutchinson on social media sites. Many claimed Matty had been in a grip of a drug addiction before he lost his life. Sending his condolences to the grieving family, one friend wrote: "Rip Matty Hutch. Matty was a good kid deep down, he was just ravaged by drugs and they have finally got the better of him."
Another woman, Jo Found, said she had watched Matty and the other man growing up. She wrote: "As children, they were the most beautiful boys. Drugs have got a hold of them, and, yes, they did a wrong, but death and nasty horrible comments are not deserved at all. One lovely family is grieving and another is wishing a loved one will pull through this. The two people who have lost a son are the most caring, devoted parents who loved their children very much."
The paramedic & post officer worker & newsagent - not to mention the innocent bystanders who could have so easily been caught in the crash - have families who love them too. Why do these underclass scum always feel the need to indulge in their self-pity on social media?


Robert the Biker said...

It might slow the worthless piece of shit down but I doubt he will change his ways; it's always someone else's fault y'see, never him, so why should he alter his behaviour?
Hopefully, no one will tell him that taking smack may screw him up worse now that he weighs less and the twat will OD.

Bobo said...

When the successive govt's of the day killed industry in this country the kindest thing they could have done would have been to explain that there was no longer any need for a working class, and offer all E-C2's ten grand and the snip on the NHS. Instead places like Hull have been allowed to descend into ghettos where the part of the population that isn't unemployed and substance-dependent is employed by the State, largely on cleaning the resultant mess up.

These people, deeply unpleasant though they may be, are products of political decisions. If you forget that fact, you only have the story.

MTG said...

Golly. A useless and incurable psychopath with a flawed talent for high speed chases and violent assaults; deemed to pose a significant risk to the public.

Anyone doubting that identical maniacs are recruited by West Yorks police should watch Huddersfield's courageous Steve Bradbury coping with such blighters on Channel 5's next offering of the 'Complainers'.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

lottery scratchcards
Labour debentures, surely?

RtB - an OD is far too pleasant a way for him to perish. The superbugs in hospitals are awful, aren't they?

Bobo, the government did not create industry either (apart from deciding where to build aircraft carriers).
So when businesses failed in the 1960s/70s/80s, any canny investor would have invested in Japan/Taiwan/South Korea.

But you are right that we have bred, and continue to breed the underclass. This should come as no surprise as one of the major parties has a vested interest in keeping people poor.

JuliaM said...

"Hopefully, no one will tell him that taking smack may screw him up worse now that he weighs less and the twat will OD."

Imminent ChavShrine alert!

"...and offer all E-C2's ten grand and the snip on the NHS."

Is it too late..?