Saturday 10 May 2014

We’ve Been Here Before…

A police spokesman said: “Members of the public reported a man at Victoria Parade who was throwing litter out of a bin into the inner harbour and trying to get a dog to jump in after it.
“The dog was more sensible than the man and did not jump, so the man picked up the dog and threw it into the inner harbour. It was a 12ft drop and there was 4ft of water.
“The dog managed to swim out and came up the slipway.
“Members of the public were very angry and the man was almost accosted but at this point police arrived.
“A man was arrested, partly for his own safety.”
Sounds awfully familiar. What do they put in the water down there (besides dogs)?
“Enquiries were made with the RSPCA about animal cruelty offences but there was insufficient evidence.”
Funny, that…


The Jannie said...

No camera crew available? End of RSPCA involvement.

JuliaM said...

Heh! Sadly true.