Tuesday 20 May 2014

Wrong Way Round, Surely..?

No you're not. You were subjected to FGM long before you became an American.
I know that I am only here today because of what others have done before me: brave survivor activists such as Nimco Ali, Leyla Hussein, Alimatu Dimonekene and others have broken their silence to empower others to speak more freely.
Isn't there a name missing from that list? What about Ayaan Hirsi Ali?


Robert the Biker said...

Sorry, not an American problem, not a Western problem, a third world and Islamic shithole problem.
We are asked to assist (basically giving you loads of money)but if we criticise, its all 'wayycisssm' and 'colonialism'
You started the problem, you keep it up, after all, its often the 'aunts' in the family who do this, you solve it! Don't like it? Don't do it! But it makes your young girls more 'marriageable' doesn't it?
Oh, and really don't moan to me when you send your young daughters 'home' from the Western countries you infest to have it done.

Anonymous said...

RtB - spot one!

Twenty_Rothmans said...

Isn't there a name missing from that list?
Jane Doe?

RtB - never a truer word, etc.

Lefties can usually be put into a tailspin by raising the prickly (heh) subject of MGM.

The competing urges of 'equality' and 'special rights for that lot' force their pin-shaped heads right up their quivering, constipated backsides.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I'd also disagree on the statement that it "doesn't just happen to girls in faraway places".

Thankfully, it almost ONLY happens to girls in faraway places (or far from where she lives now).

MGM = Metro Goldwyn Mayer
FGM = Female Genital Mutilation.

JuliaM said...

"Sorry, not an American problem, not a Western problem..."

Except for the ones we've imported.