Tuesday 6 August 2013

And...How Will This Stop Him Reoffending?

Probation officers warned magistrates Galloway was highly likely to reoffend and the magistrates agreed his crimes merited a prison sentence.
But they gave him a community order because, they said, it was more important to stop him reoffending.
*sighs* They've no clue how to do that, clearly.
Galloway, 31, of Viking Road, Acomb, was ordered to do three years’ supervision, a rehabilitation course and 200 hours’ unpaid work and pay £400 compensation, the cost of the broken shop window to the shopkeeper, and £150 compensation to his girlfriend, the cost of replacing her car windows which he smashed, a £60 statutory surcharge and £85 prosecution costs.
And does he have the money to pay?

Well, of course not:
Jane Maloney, mitigating, said Galloway had a job offer. He apologised for his crimes.
In other words, we'll pay. Because an 'offer' is not 'a job'.
Mr Townened said the girlfriend wanted their relationship to continue.
Oh, I give up!


Anonymouslemming said...

So some other civilian / citizen will have their life impacted because we want to give this piece of shit yet another chance.

This is going to keep happening and the inevitable result is vigilante justice. That never ends well - see PAGAD in South Africa. When they did for Staggie everyone agreed that it couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. But now you've got a group of people with bloodlust and drunk on power.

JuliaM said...

I think we aren't going to see much vigilante justice from Middle England - they are Eloi, and no-one really believes there are Morlocks yet...